L’ONG qui remet l’Afrique debout, une jambe à la fois

Nous recyclons des prothèses de jambes qui finissent dans une déchetterie, les démantelons au travers de groupes d’hommes retraités et les envoyons en Afrique, où elles sont recomposées, adaptées, et fixées individuellement pour chaque amputé par le biais de techniciens certifiés dans des hôpitaux partenaires.

Little Legs Hero Euan : Making A Difference in Africa

« I hope this leg enables you to do everything that it helped me to do and it brings you happiness in your life… »

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– Euan is a Legs4Africa hero. He was one of our first ever leg donors and has since donated a number of his legs to Wudeh in The Gambia.

Amputee Support Charity in Africa

Enabling amputees to live more independent lives

Legs4Africa is committed to improving the mobility and independence of amputees in sub-Saharan Africa through provision of rehabilitation services and access to prosthetic legs.

In the UK and other European countries prosthetics cannot be re-used or recycled. So, every year thousands of these expensive and life-changing pieces of equipment end up in landfill.

By encouraging individuals, hospitals and other establishments to donate prosthetics to us rather than throw them in a pit we enable them to have another lease of life in Africa by giving an amputee the ultimate leg-up.


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