We are the Bristol based charity that is getting Africa back on its feet, one leg at a time.

We recycle prosthetic legs that would otherwise end up in landfill and facilitate support groups so amputees in Africa can live more independent, fulfilled lives.

We have calculated that it costs us £12 to get one prosthetic over to Africa. That’s just £1 per month, or 25p a week, or less than 4p a day. So, with that money you would usually spend on your weekly lunchtime Freddo or your monthly egg and cress sandwich you could give someone in Africa the ultimate leg-up

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Legs4Africa began in The Gambia with the delivery of a single prosthetic leg in 2013. Since then we have provided enough components to build or repair over 5,000 legs.

Giving someone a prosthetic leg is like giving someone back their life again. It never gets boringGabu Jarjue (The Gambia's only prosthetist)

Amputee Support Charity in Africa

Enabling amputees to live more independent lives

Legs4Africa is committed to improving the mobility and independence of amputees in sub-Saharan Africa through provision of rehabilitation services and access to prosthetic legs.

In the UK prosthetics cannot be re-used or recycled. So, every year thousands of these expensive, life-changing pieces of equipment end up in landfill.

By encouraging individuals, hospitals and other establishments to donate prosthetics to us rather than throw them in a pit we can give them another lease of life in Africa and give an amputee the ultimate leg-up.


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