Stop Waste
Start Mobilising

Legs4Africa is a UK based charity who collect and export redundant prosthetic legs and other mobility equipment to sub-Saharan Africa.

With intelligent recycling we reduce waste and maximise the lives of African amputees. We believe that isolation and exclusion due to disability and geographic location is unacceptable. We work to provide people with the means to reach their full potential and quash the stigma that disability can invoke.

The way we do things

Legs4Africa have established a system that works; adapting donated equipment for amputees in developing African countries.

Scaling it up

Now it is time to extend our reach across the African continent. Your support will enable us to help more amputees back to their feet

Together we’re making a difference in Africa


You throw a pretty good party WOMAD

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We couldn’t have asked for better weather at WOMAD this year. It was our 7th festival of the summer and we were starting to feel the effects of too much party,...
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We love ‘Good News’ – Success in Zambia

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Anyone remember when we shipped 500 legs to Zambia last year? We are starting to see some very good results, helping lots and lots of people walk again and regain...
2016-06-07 16.29.33

Look! We’re on telly! 500 legs on their way to Tanzania

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There is the rain and it is cold. It clatters on car roofs, it dribbles down necks and plasters hair to heads... but, it is England, there is always the...