The 2017 Legs4Africa Impact Report

Tom WilliamsLeg News, Tom

Explore our 2017 Impact Report now and see what your support has helped Legs4Africa achieve!

Though we do try to keep you up to date with our activities over the year, it becomes easy to loose sight of the bigger picture. For this reason, we have produced this radiant impact report to let you, our amazing supporters, know just what we have been able to do with your help. We want to show you just how far we’ve come, from a single leg, tucked into backpack, bound for Africa, to well over 3,000 prosthetic legs, and countless more mobility aids safely delivered to clinics in the Gambia, Tanzania and Zambia. The report introduces you to just a few of the incredible individuals Legs4Africa has helped. We are utterly inspired by their tenacity, their drive to overcome their disability in far from ideal circumstances, and we hope you are inspired too, because there is still so much to do. We have only just begun this journey and we would very much like it if you come with us, because together we can do something wonderful.

Download the 2017 Impact Report PDF here and see what difference your support has already made

Thank you