February 13, 2024

2024 Legs4Africa AGM Overview

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Our Year in Review and the Path Ahead

In our recent AGM, Phil Tunstall, our director, alongside our fundraising manager, Anna, shared a look back at our fruitful year and laid out the roadmap for Legs for Africa’s future. This update offers a glimpse into our successes, our financial health, and our strategic focus for the coming year.

Achievements That Matter

This past year, we’ve seen remarkable progress in our efforts to support individuals with limb loss. Our counselling team in Gambia grew significantly, amplifying our peer support capabilities. Financial independence among the community groups we back has been a notable success, pointing towards sustainability. The quality of the prosthetic limbs we provide has markedly improved, underlined by positive feedback and the receipt of over £700,000 worth of prosthetics. These strides have not only helped thousands stand again but have also strengthened our operational backbone, as evidenced by improved stock systems and impactful stakeholder meetings.

Financial Insights

With over £328,000 in cash assets, our financial position is strong. This foundation enables us to move forward with confidence. We’re judiciously managing our funds, aiming to increase our reserves and ensure the sustainability of our initiatives. The financial strategy, including investment in our reserves and meticulous budgeting, is designed to support our mission effectively.

Looking Ahead

For 2024, our vision is clear. We aim to bolster the sustainability of community groups further and continue our commitment to mobility. Expanding our services to new regions like Walewale in Ghana is on the horizon, alongside a strategic rebranding effort. Our focus remains on deepening the impact within our current operational areas rather than expanding geographically.

This year’s AGM was not just a reflection of our past but a beacon for our future. As we navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead, our commitment to transparency, sustainability, and impactful action remains unwavering. We invite our community to join us on this journey, as we strive to make a difference in the lives of individuals with limb loss, one step at a time.