Supporting Amputee Children

At Legs4Africa we have stepped in to end the wasteful disposal of  prosthetic legs and get them to where they are needed. A prosthetic leg has the power to repair a human being’s confidence and rebuild a human life forever. In 2015, our team of dedicated volunteers drove 4000 miles to The Gambia and delivered 500 prosthetic legs to The Royal Victoria Hospital. Since then we’ve sourced many more prosthetic legs, and are building bridges with collaborative partners every step of the way.

The Legs4Africa story is just getting started. So far, the response from our supporters and collaborative partners alike has been overwhelming. The donation of a prosthetic leg has instant power to change a human life, as does a monetary donation to contribute towards shipping costs.

In the UK, it is estimated that over 5,000 prosthetic legs are discarded every year, many of them in perfect condition. Once a prosthetic limb has been used or even tried on, it cannot be redistributed in the EU. 

Lamin attending a support meeting

Pap playing with his sister

Muhammed riding to school