Africa’s fastest critter countdown

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For the most part Legs4Africa is only interested in the simple yet life changing act of walking. Today we’d like to show you another aspect of Africa, its runners… Though, to be honest, you’d probably not want to see any of this lot hammering it down a country lane or, indeed, taking part in The Leicester Half Marathon

Though they will not be quite as rapid, vicious or smelly… The Legs4Africa team will be running 13.1 miles on October 25th in Leicester. If you have the legs, use them and join the team… If not, stay tuned as we watch their progress.

Legs4Africa is a charity changing lives for amputees by reclaiming unused prosthetics and putting them to good use. Follow us every step of the way either on twitter or on Facebook.

Elephant10… Elephant.

Streaking in like a Usain Bolt of grey lightning we have the enigmatic elephant. She may be big, she may seem placid, she may have packed her trunk and gone to join the circus… But boy, with top speeds of 25 MPH she got there quick…


9. RhinocerosRhinoceros

Some people say that they are just unicorns that have let themselves go… But with a top speed of 35 MPH they say it very quietly…


Hippopotamus8. Hippo

Hippos seem a serene sort, wallowing in the water, peeping at passers-by with disinterested eyes… All until a game of Hungry, Hungry Hippos is called at which point they rocket out of the water in a fountain of spray and charge into the fray.  Top speed: 20 mph…. When she gotta go, she gotta go…


7. GiraffeRunning giraffe

Wind your neck in mate… Giraffes developed their extra long necks to look at things through second storey windows. 

They can be found charging across the Savannah at a steady speed of 35 miles an hour. Upon arriving at the window they will have a peep, pull a face, turn around and run all the way home.

Bonus fact: Giraffes can’t cough.


Ngorongoronov 77DB6. Ostrich

Upon being falsely accused of sticking their heads in the sand, angry ostriches can hit a dizzying speed of 40 MPH whilst in pursuit of rumour mongers. The truth is that the male digs a large pit in which the female lays her eggs and they take turns turning them with their beaks creating the illusion of their heads being buried in the sand… They’re a great supporter of… Wait for it… Eggs4Africa! Yeah?


African while dog5. African wild dog

Who let the dogs out? Well, whoever it was, doesn’t look like you’re getting them back any time soon. Named after their late night partying habits the African wild dog can hit a staggering speed of 45 MPH. They run in packs and love to socialise, they also will help dogs from other packs if they are injured or hungry… An animal after our own heart.


Gazella_thomsoni_in_Masai_Mara4. Thomson’s Gazelle

When you got a cheetah on your tail, buddy, you better run… With a sustainable top speed of 50 MPH and the ability to corner better than any formula 1 car, the Thomson’s Gazelle is a strong contender. 

Note: Legs4Africa in no way endorses use of wild predators to improve performance of marathon runners.


Wildebeest3. Wildebeest

With predators including the big three; lions, cheetahs and hyenas, it is important to stay ahead of the game and being able to tip the speedo at 50 MPH sure helps. This combined with a maximum weight of 600 LBS makes for some serious fast food…. Looks like it’s another tin of Whiskers tonight moggy…


lion2. Lion

The bad news: These majestic predators can run at 55 MPH making them the second fastest animal in Africa… The good news? If you can manage to keep ahead of Simba here for long enough he’ll get tired and give up… Though, you better start running now.


1. Cheetahcheeta

And we’re finally there… The fastest animal in Africa is… Drum roll please… Is… Oh, you already read the title… Not only can they hit a staggering speed of 75 MPH but the cheetah can get there faster than a Ferrari. This feline takes just 3 seconds to reach 60 MPH. That’s one quick kitty… 


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