Comedian Alex Brooker becomes Legs4Africa ambassador

Evie Dickinson / Fundraising

Following our super successful BBC Radio 4 Appeal, comedian and TV personality Alex Brooker has joined Paralympian Julie Rogers as our second celebrity ambassador! Alex’s role will be to spread awareness and generate donations for children and adults facing limb-loss across sub-Saharan Africa.

Alex, who recently released the intimate and extremely personal documentary ‘Disability and Me’ said he “wanted to increase awareness of limb loss and the experiences of amputees, not just in the UK, but all over the world”.

Alex Brooker donating his prosthetic leg in 2015

Alex first connected with L4A in 2015 when he donated one of his old prosthetic legs. He has been following us ever since and earlier this year he helped to make our first ever BBC Radio 4 Appeal a huge success – raising enough money to get 1,206 prosthetic limbs out to amputees who need them across sub-Saharan Africa.

Through this partnership, Alex will be able to make a huge impact to the lives of people like Fatima. Her leg has allowed her to continue working in her shop, and she has recently set up a community support group for female amputees. Their motto is “no stress”. It seems Fatima’s main problem now is trying to get some peace and quiet, away from her excitable grandchildren.

“I sit in my shop. I laugh with people, I dance with people. But if I didn’t have a prosthetic leg I would still have people sat over me crying. I am so happy with my life” – Fatima, The Gambia

“Whenever I take my leg off the kids start playing with it, they think it’s a toy. I tip it and find so many things stored in there, even coins. Sometimes I am in my room not wanting to be disturbed but the children are running around and coming in and out. When they do this I take my leg off and wave my stump at them and then they run away scared and I am left in peace. It always works.” – Fatima

Together, Alex and Legs4Africa hope to team up, spread the word and get thousands more people like Fatima dancing, laughing and back on their feet. 

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