Focus On: Staying Informed

Bethany / Care 4 Legs

Working with community members in Uganda and Ghana we asked what healthcare information matters to amputees and how they get it. Here is what they told us…

UKAid Direct Project Gets Underway In Ghana

Bethany / Ghana, Project Update

Following a COVID19 hiatus the Amputee Empowerment Project in Ghana has hit the ground running in 2021. Working with the Orthopaedic Training Centre in Nsawam, the project aims to strengthen Ghana’s amputee community through bolstering emotional rehabilitation and peer counselling provisions, supporting amputees to grow their support networks and developing a platform of easily accessible, digital self-help information. Since its … Read More

Community Group Resources

Bethany / Inspiring Stories

At Legs4Africa we know how important is it to spend time with people who you can relate to and that meeting other amputees to exchange experiences can have wonderful, transformative effects on community wellbeing. We know this because our friends and colleagues across Sub-Saharan Africa have told us. So we got to work on a collection of simple, essential resources … Read More

Ugandan Partners Reaching Out To The Community

Bethany / Uganda

During August we worked in collaboration with Mulago Prosthetic & Orthotics Centre, Amputee Self Help Network Uganda (ASNU) and local transport company Wills Tours and Travel to reach out to amputees in the community. The focus was on immediate needs not being met as a result of COVID19 such as access to transport to visit centres for repairs and maintenance … Read More

A Fond Farewell to Mr. Kandeh

Bethany / Gambia, Inspiring Stories

It is with sadness in our hearts that we must announce the passing of our beloved friend and colleague Musa Kandeh. Whilst we mourn a significant loss and extend our condolences to his family and friends we find joy and gratitude in reflecting on the profound impact of his work. Musa will continue to be a highly respected member of … Read More

Top Tips For Little Legs

Bethany / Little Legs

We’ve been fine tuning these bad boys for a while now but finally our super fun kids fact sheets are ready to go out in to the world! In collaboration with experts like Akram Semwanga, head orthopaedic technologist at Katalemwa Cheshire Children’s Rehab Centre, Kampala these simple fact sheets joyfully address topics that kids with limb difference connect with most. … Read More

A Gold Badge for Alieu Touray

Bethany / Gambia, Gold Badge

Photo of Alieu Touray

Policeman, public relations officer, social worker, counsellor, father, husband and more recently owner of the much coveted Legs4Africa Gold Badge. Since playing a key role in the GAA’s inception four years back Alieu Touray has been tirelessly dedicated to the progress of amputees within Gambian society. “ To be a part of such an association is an interest of the … Read More

GAFT Take Banjul Marathon 2020 By Storm

Bethany / Football, Gambia

On Sunday the Gambian Amputee Football Team took time out of their usual training schedule to run together in the second annual Banjul Marathon. Fifteen of the players and regular supporters turned out as the sun was rising to race in the 5km segment of the marathon. The spirit of GAFT touched those that lined the streets, the country’s first … Read More

Women’s Cooperative comes to life in The Gambia

Bethany / Gambia, Project Update

Fatou Njie, bi-president of the Gambian Amputee Association, called a group of female association members together in January of this year to talk about their lives as women with disabilities. From that meeting the group decided to invest more time in their female peer circle forming the Gambian Female Amputee Partnership group. Time spent establishing the existing skill set within … Read More

Gambian Amputees Train in Mental Health Awareness and Peer Counselling

Bethany / Gambia, Project Update

In January ten members of the Gambian Amputee Association kick started the year by participating in a three day mental health awareness and peer counselling course. The course was designed by mental health professional Katie Taylor-Smith in collaboration with Legs4Africa and UK aid specifically for the group, who delivered the content alongside amputee advocate Alieu Tourey – a social work … Read More

Females are strong as hell

Bethany / Uganda

Women in sub-saharan Africa can have a tough time. Disabled women in sub-saharan Africa can have it even harder and somehow female amputees fall in limbo. They have to fight to be seen as women thanks to misconceptions about disabilities and they have to fight to be visible in both able bodied and disabled communities because often neither community see … Read More

Fashion Daaahling

Bethany / Uganda

So let’s talk about inclusivity! I mean, you’re here, on the Legs4Africa website so you’re already interested in seeing increased accessibility for all people. Which means that you also realise that we live in a less-than-perfect world in which people with disabilities can lack representation. On Saturday (16th November… I’m late to publish because I forgot to actually press the … Read More

Sporting Leg-ends

Bethany / Football, Uganda

Saturday November 9th saw the third annual Kampala Capital City Authority Para-sports Gala – a day of celebration for adaptive sports and people with disabilities.  The event was specifically for disability sports in the Kampala region with each of the divisions competing against one another in wheelchair basketball, seated volleyball, deaf football and amputee football. At 3pm amputee football kicked … Read More

A Problem Shared Is A Problem Halved

Bethany / Uganda

In the last five years hospital staff and local amputees have identified the gap between physical and emotional rehabilitation provisions. Whether it be in The Gambia, Ghana or Uganda it is something that gets brought up time and time again – the related traumas associated with limb loss, how it further adds to existing pressures and the fact the under-funded, … Read More

Big Ups To The Clinical Crew

Bethany / Uganda

In 2018/19 eleven suitcases we taken to partnering clinics in the East, Central and Western regions of Uganda as part of Deliver A Leg. These components meant that technologists like Henry Gazimba, Akram Semwanga and Tom Baguma could get an additional 246 amputees back on their feet. Uganda has seen decent economic progress in recent years but according to The … Read More

Pinch me. This must be a dream!

Bethany / Uganda

Well, what a month it has been here in Uganda. I have so much to share but let’s start a bit further back than a month in January of this year when I visited The Gambia for the third time but for the first time as a Legs4Africa volunteer since officially becoming one in 2016. At the time I was … Read More

Landmine Survivors In Uganda Looking Toward The Future

Bethany / Uganda

In 1991 the majesty of the Rwenzori Mountain range was marred by vicious civil conflict displacing thousands of families, forcing them to leave their homes and livelihoods. It was during this time that Asanaire went one morning to fetch food for his family who had left their farm for a less volatile part of the region. Whilst on his mission … Read More

Training Bursaries Now Available

Bethany / Teaching

Legs4Africa are looking to award five bursaries to female amputees aged eighteen or over interested in a career in prosthetic technology. We have partnered with the Tanzania Training Centre for Orthopaedic Technologies (TATCOT) to support African women to attend it’s Certificate Course in Lower Limb Technologies to increase female representation in the sector. TATCOT are recognised by the International Society … Read More

Legs4Africa meeting with Yosiah Muhindo

Bethany / Uganda

Legs HQ

As it stands the system in Uganda means that it’s only in times of crisis that support workers are allocated and generally speaking support workers are provided by NGOs. However there is a significant lack of capacity so more often than not it is the doctors, technicians, etc. that provide post-treatment support. It goes without saying that this stretches the … Read More

Inspired volunteer goes to Uganda

Bethany / Deliver a Leg, Inspiring Stories

people in a legs workshop in Uganda

As a young man living in a country where 69% of the population live on less than a dollar a day, the odds are already stacked against you. Access to medical resources is limited at the best of times let alone when you live eight hours from the nearest hospital. When I say eight hours, that’s eight hours according to … Read More