Bex from Opcare in The Gambia (Part 2)

Bex Yearworth / Gambia, Leg News

Opcare in a Legs workshop in The Gambia

  In April I visited The Gambia with a fellow UK based prosthetic technician to provide technical assistance, training and support to the prosthetic rehabilitation team based in Banjul. Our arrival into Banjul Airport was briefly delayed due to them being concerned that one of our bags was completely stuffed with prosthetic arms …a quick explanation of the purpose of … Read More

Bex and Adrian from Opcare visits the workshop in The Gambia (Part 1)

Bex Yearworth / Gambia

a group of people from Opare in The Gambia

In April I found myself swapping my usual workplace, a busy NHS prosthetics workshop in Manchester, for the sunnier climate of Gambia and specifically the prosthetic workshop in the Department of Social Welfare based in Banjul.  I (along with another fellow technician) was generously sponsored by my employer Opcare  after winning a nationwide competition to spend two weeks working with … Read More