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Training in Ghana

Since the last update Morrow has been able to return to Ghana for the final year of his studies, COVID has meant that whilst the travel required additional checks it was not too much of challenge for him to get back. He’s now in the final weeks of the first term and is currently sitting his exams, which include written
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Gambia Amputee Football Team’s Birthday Celebrations and Reflection

For the Gambia Amputee Football Team, February 2020 was BIRTHDAY TIME!!! Marking a year since their first meetup. Being committed players, the team had an intense training session which included a very physical game of the old boys versus the youngsters; where energy and enthusiasm overcame age and experience.  Following that gruelling match, the post-training celebrations were an opportunity for
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Update: Prosthetic Technology Female Amputee Bursary

The 31st January marked the deadline for the first stage of our Prosthetic Technology Female Amputee Bursary. This will pay for five female amputees from across the continent to travel to TATCOT in Tanzania and embark on a one year course in lower-limb prosthetics. Thanks to our African partner network consisting of mobility centres, disability advocates and community groups we
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Amputee Football in The Gambia

There’s not much that will get anybody up at 7.30 on a Sunday morning. Yet for members of the Gambian Amputee Football Team this is standard practice, as they’re itching to head down to the beautiful surroundings of Senegambia Beach in the back of Bob Jabbie’s car to train. The team was initially brought together through Legs4Africa and the Gambian
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Amputees in Action 10th Anniversary

Amputees in Action is a unique agency which works to get amputee actors into film, television and emergency services and military training simulations. Coupled with their skilled special effects make-up team, the agency prides itself on achieving realism through their actor’s ability to bring their personal trauma and experience to roles.  The company’s inspiration came when its Director – John
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