Meet our Grants and Trusts team

Margherita Pisoni / Inspiring Stories, Leg Work

In September 2020 Esther, Jamie, Juliette and Rachael jumped on board and became our Grants and Trusts research team! Since then they have been working tirelessly to find new funding opportunities for Legs4Africa. So, it’s about time we introduced them… Who are they, what are they up to and what do they look like… What’s your name?Jamie Who are you … Read More

Unfinished Business

Margherita Pisoni / Gambia

Women assembling legs

Gender equality and equity remain unfinished businesses worldwide. Women have to deal with constant challenges so as to stand up in front of all the inequalities, difficulties and gender stereotyping which still characterise modern societies. Gender policies as well as projects aimed at promoting human rights are essential tools which promote individuals strength and give people the chance to reach … Read More

Legs4Africa’s Impact on Global Development

Margherita Pisoni / Leg Work

sustainable development goals

This Tuesday we attended a meeting organized by the UN Global Compact Network UK. The focus was  on how organisations can take action on the Global Goals. It has been a great opportunity to share thoughts, knowlegde and get a better understanding of the impact everybody can have towards Global Develompent Goals. One of the main purpose of human development … Read More

First shipment for Senegal

Margherita Pisoni / Inspiring Stories, Senegal

The team Packaging Legs

Less than four weeks ago our storage room was full of feet, knees and a lot of other prosthetic parts. I was asked to count and organize all the components to start preparing the shipment to Senegal, that was coming up within the next few weeks. It was such a great opportunity to learn how legs are manufactured and composed. … Read More

Why I want to work for Legs4Africa

Margherita Pisoni / Inspiring Stories

Margherita from the office

Meet Margherita – our new Office Intern! She joined our little team in February and will be taking charge of our Deliver A Leg programme. “I would like to introduce myself and to share my expectations on this new experience with Legs4Africa by sharing a personal episode, which made me realize the reasons why I would like to contribute at … Read More