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An update on African Partners

The last three months have seen us conduct a baseline assessment of 9 of our 10 mobility centre partners, which has consisted of online surveys and face to face meetings over zoom. It has been a really positive experience talking with prosthetists, hearing their stories, their passion for mobility and also sharing in their concerns and offering support during these
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Lamin’s Football Video-Club

Lamin Jammeh is an entrepreneur and captain of the Gambia amputee football team. Almost every day there is a big football match on TV, be it Premier league, La Liga or Champions League. Which is great for Lamin’s video club business. Every match, he will carry his two TVs down to his video-club in Sukuta, Gambia, walking carefully on his
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Clinical Advice Group – Connecting Leg Makers in Africa and UK

Legs4Africa Clinical Support Group is a closed Facebook group that allows professionals across the World to connect. It is designed to provide peer to peer support for amputee rehabilitation professionals across Africa. This group is supported by a team of UK based prosthetists, technicians, physiotherapists and other clinicians who can provide advice to any member of the group. It is
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UK Aid Update

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Gang take arms to Africa

“Delivering prosthetic arms for Legs4Africa has been the most selfless, rewarding experience we have ever had!” Ana Springall De Pablo While we were planning our trip to The Gambia we came across the Legs4Africa charity webpage. They were asking members of the public to give some of their baggage allowance in order to take prosthetic limbs and equipment to the
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Gambia Project Progress Report 13/11/2017

The Launch The successful conclusion of our initial round of funding applications meant that the project started on schedule in mid September. Since then Legs4Africa has made a shipment of essential supplies to Banjul, provided further education for our Gambian prosthetist and completed the development of our service user tracking software. Initial Shipment In late September, Legs4Africa shipped the project’s
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Help us send 75 legs to Senegal

Corporate Sponsorship As well as welcoming private fundraisers and cash donors, Legs4Africa offers sponsorship opportunities for corporate supporters. These projects address the core funding of the charity and enables its ongoing ability to provide its valuable service to African amputees. If you are a business looking for a way of helping people in need, please consider sponsoring this project in
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A Woeful Week in a Wheelchair Workshop

Phil Tunstall, chief of operations at Legs4Africa and all round good egg, describes his recent experience of working at the wheelchair centre in the Gambia. He takes a look at the highs and the lows of the work that the centre does and the frustrations its technicians are forced to endure due to insufficient resources. Finally, he explains how you
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Vesbin around Truro for Legs4Africa

Truro Foyer is a fantastic scheme that helps 16-25 year olds find their feet, by providing housing, education and has a great sense of community. The staff and young people of Lander Court designed and built ‘The Vesbin’, a bespoke mod styled wheelie-bin trike, complete with comfy seat, mirrors, lights, steering and classic black/white chequers. Turning  a wheelie-bin into a
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Port Eliot Festival Success

The vibrant stall, the exciting volunteers and the opportunity to get creative made the Legs4Africa pitch a resounding success at Port Eliot this year. It’s been a long time gone, but tie-dye is officially back in fashion; with festival goers pouncing on the opportunity to colour-up their very own iconic Legs4Africa t-shirt. A multitude of techniques and styles where taught
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Running round Truro with a Vesper-wheelie-bin

Zooming around Truro in a mod styled wheelie-bin (or… VESBIN) collecting charitable donations! Sounds great fun, and it’s happening on the 11th November in Cornwall’s biggest city. The staff and residence of Truro Foyer, part of ‘Devon and Cornwall Housing Group’ or DCH, have been busily designing and creating the wheelchair-wheelie-bin, a bespoke made money collecting machine where Wayne Cross
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A Day Out in a Gambian Primary School

Today Legs4Africa took a trip to a Gambian Primary school in Kerrserign. A large school with a large name, The Sanchaba Jobe Lower Basic School educates a whopping 3600 children and has doubled in size in just 3 years, the 75 teachers have really got their work cut out, and split the days so as to educate half the students
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Legs4Africa partners with The GFD

Legs4Africa is very pleased to announce that they have partnered with The Gambia Federation of Disabled. Known as the GFD to its friends, it is the umbrella organisation that looks over all of the disabled peoples groups in The Gambia, from schools for the blind to the Gambian Paralympic Committee. In January we had the privilege of spending some time
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Nostalgia for the LegNominations

The Earth has made a full orbit of the sun since our first crowdfunding campaign. We had a month to raise the required 5-grand and it started slowly, a polite video request with an outline of our objectives managed to pull in about a grand from some generous sponsors. Then the tide changed. The virulent spread of Neknominations had just
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Border crossings, Police fines, Breakdowns and Military Coups – On the road with Legs4Africa

A journey to visit a hospital in Dakar, Senegal from Legs4Africa’s Banjul base in The Gambia provided many obstacles. The mission was to visit their prosthetics centre and see if it matched our criteria so we could supply them with legs in the future. Myself and Tom (Legs4Africa UK) set off with Bamba the driver and Bob (Legs4Africa Gambia) who
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Get your leg over (to Africa)

The Charity Legs4Africa is asking for people to donate their old prosthetic legs, so they can be given a new life by amputees in the developing world. Legs4Africa is a small UK charity dedicated to re-using old prosthetic limbs.  It collects them from around Britain and then sends them to some of the poorer nations of Africa, where they can
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