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Daniel Does a Good Brisk Walk!

Occasionally our leg donors ask if we can tell them something about the person their prosthetic leg has gone to. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible for all sorts of reasons – not least because it’s impossible to keep track of one particular leg amongst the hundreds we send to different hospitals and mobility clinics in Africa. But every now and then
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How Christopher’s Leg may Help a Biker in Africa

Many young Africans enjoy motorbikes and here in the UK, Christopher was no different.  He loved riding his motorbike until in 1972 when he was just 19, a drunk driver knocked him off his bike and as a result his leg had to be amputated. There the similarities between an African and a western biker end. With a prosthetic leg
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Matthew, the Dairy Scientist from Kenya

Often the stories amputees share with Legs4Africa tell us about how much having a prosthetic leg has transformed their lives but before they were able to access their leg many of them have faced the prospect of being unable to work to support their family and have despaired of how they will manage. One such amputee in Kenya is Matthew
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Every leg has a story

More often than not our blog stories are about the men and women and children in Africa who have received the legs that donors have recycled through Legs4Africa and how the prosthetic has so positively impacted on their lives.  We don’t often hear the stories of the people who have donated the legs so when Christine sent an intriguing note
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Every Leg Donation Has A Tale To Tell

Over the years Legs4Africa has received hundreds of prosthetic legs and we are very conscious that behind each donation there is someone’s personal story. It isn’t often that we learn what these stories are but when we do it makes us all the more aware that these legs have been such a significant part of someone’s life.  I learned this
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Clevedon Men’s Shed

Clevedonians and African Amputees Men’s Sheds are found all over the world and like the one in Clevedon they provide companionship and purpose to men who want to fill a space in their lives which may have been caused by sickness, retirement or bereavement or those who just want to make new friends. Whatever the reason, and wherever they are,
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Little Legs and more…

 ‘I have two legs now and I will grow to achieve my dream of becoming a driver’.   ……10 year old Brian from Uganda Read more about Brian’s story here Have you ever wondered how many outgrown or redundant prosthetic legs are out there, either in attics or under stairs or most likely on their way to landfill because the previous
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How to play Ampe?

Do you know how to play Ampe?  Originating in Ghana, it is a popular children’s game in Africa because any number can play and no equipment is needed so it’s a good game to play spontaneously anywhere with your friends. It’s fun, fast and furious. A leader is chosen and he or she stands opposite their first opponent. They both
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How a valuable partnership has restored one child’s ambitions for the future

CoRSu Rehabilitation Hospital in Uganda is an orthopaedic unit which primarily treats children and young adults who have various forms of disability and is one of Legs4Africa’s much valued partners. Thanks to the generosity of young amputees in the UK, Legs4Africa are able to send donated prosthetic legs to hospitals in Africa such as CoRSU where the impact on children’s
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Children are the future leaders of tomorrow…

…so we need to take care of them. Ebrima Krubally (Isk to his friends) is a really valued member of the Legs4Africa team. Working in the Mobility Centre in Banjul, Gambia, he is a qualified Orthopaedic Technologist and his job is to ensure that the component legs which Legs4Africa send to the Centre are reassembled so they fit each recipient
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Charlie is one of Legs4Africa’s Legends

When he was only 9 months old his family had to face the devastating news that Charlie had been diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma which is a rare form of bone cancer.  After months of intensive chemotherapy he recovered but his treatment had involved the removal of the diseased bone and soft tissue and, when he was old enough, he was
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Little Emmanuel from Ghana

This is 5 year old Emmanuel Azarious Sobo-Blay. His story is typical of the sort of accident that can happen on busy roads.  He and his brother were doing an errand for their mother, taking fabric to the tailor. At the main road Emmanuel’s brother got across safely but Emmanuel was hit by a car and his injuries were such
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Euan – A Legs4Africa Hero

Having a prosthetic leg is a challenge at any age. For children, one of the challenges is being accepted by one’s peers at an age when making friends and taking up new hobbies and pastimes is so important. We never fail to be full of admiration for the little ones who accept their new leg as part of their life
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Lamin and the need for Little Leg Donations

Lamin Bojang is a 5 year old boy who, like any other 5 year old, enjoys going to school and playing with his friends. However, in June this year Lamin was involved in a car accident which necessitated having his left leg amputated. Thanks to a donation of a leg from a child amputee in the UK which was shipped
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Walking back to school

  Leticia was 8 years old and was playing outside with her little sister when a drunk driver ran into them with his vehicle.  Leticia lost her right leg instantly and although the doctor thought he would be able to save her left leg, complications later meant that she would lose this leg as well.  She finally had her left
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Little legs turn Blessing’s life around

This is Blessing.  She was only 5 months old when she was brought to the Orthopaedic Training Centre (OTC) in Ghana.  Born with one arm, only four fingers on her right hand and very short limbs Blessing’s capabilities were severely limited.  However, thanks to the Little Legs Project, she was given two prosthetic legs and is able to look forward
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