Working alongside Nav Solidaire

Tom Williams / France

At the end of 2019, we received an interesting phone call from a group of passionate young people from Northern France who said that they had seen what we’re up to and were considering to set up something similar in France. We invited them to spend a couple of days with us in Bristol so we could show them what … Read More

Tony gets a Gold Badge

Tom Williams / Gold Badge, Inspiring Stories

Photo of Tony

When Tony reached out to us at the start of 2020 explaining that he’d recently become retired from a career of working on the railway and wanted to remain useful, we knew straight away that he was going to fit in. With Men’s Sheds groups not meeting like they used to and our pile of prosthetic legs (to be dismantled) … Read More

Recycling prosthetic legs in France

Tom Williams / France, Mens Shed / Rotary

With simple ideas comes big potential.  Nav Solidaire, made up of 5 close friends from Normandy, France have seen first hand the huge waste of prosthetic legs in their country and have decided to do something about it. Luckily for them, Bristol is only 326 miles away (mostly over water and a bit of land) and the home of Legs4Africa … Read More

Opcare support is making a huge difference

Tom Williams / Mens Shed / Rotary, Project Update

Legs4Africa has estimated that 1,000 prosthetic legs have been collected and recycled from Opcare since the charity began which is a fantastic achievement for everyone that is involved.  “If unwanted limbs weren’t recycled, they would go to landfill – even though they have plenty of life left in them. So Legs4Africa is helping to reduce the environmental footprint, reusing materials … Read More

Warmley Mens Shedder gets a gold badge

Tom Williams / Mens Shed / Rotary

What is the Legs4Africa Gold Badge and why has Kelvin got one? The Legs4Africa Gold Badge cannot be bought, it can only be earned. Reserved for extraordinary advocates, supporters and members of the Legs4Africa family the Gold Badge is always presented to complete LEGends in person.  Since Warmley Mens Shed started working with Legs4Africa they have dismantled a staggering 725 … Read More

Heswall Rotary Club Recycling Prosthetics

Tom Williams / Mens Shed / Rotary

For over 30 years the Rotary Club of Heswall in Merseyside has been involved in collecting prosthetic legs and supporting the work at the OTC (Orthopedic Training Centre) in Ghana where  hundreds of amputees are fitted with a prosthetic leg each year. An hour’s drive north of Accra in the town of Nsawam, the OTC is run by Sister Elizabeth … Read More

Stonehaven on the Mobility Map

Tom Williams / Mens Shed / Rotary

Scotland has a rich and exciting history with prosthetic legs, most notably during the first world war when soldiers with missing limbs were sent back from the front line to be treated at Erskine Hospital in Glasgow. Here prosthetic legs weren’t just fitted, but manufactured onsite from leather, willow and other types of lightweight materials that were available at the … Read More

Delivering legs in a buggy

Tom Williams / Deliver a Leg

This year Tarnie and Richard from Australia will begin an epic road trip that will see their home built beach buggy travel through the African continent as they make their way from Bristol to Cape Town.  Their objective is to ascertain how to create a different kind of adventure whilst working with various grass roots charities. One where part of … Read More

Retired GP turns to dismantling legs

Tom Williams / Gold Badge

Photo of Michael Nelki

When people retire they often choose to do all sorts of weird and wonderful activities that they’ve been looking forward to during their careers; they often involve buying camper vans and exploring their home country that they’ve always been too busy to visit or dedicating their time to worthy causes like Michael has chosen to do. Former GP Michael Nelki … Read More

Thank you Rotary friends

Tom Williams / Mens Shed / Rotary

Legs4Africa would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved with the following Rotary Clubs. Thank you for your generous support and for helping to set up an invaluable network of Men’s Shed groups across the UK. Because of you all, we are dismantling more prosthetic legs than ever, which in turn means we are getting even more … Read More

We’re looking for a new Trustee

Tom Williams / Leg Work

Mens Shed group

Legs4Africa is the charity that gets people walking again in Africa. Through recycling prosthetic leg parts that would otherwise end up in landfill and setting up amputee-led support groups we help to get thousands of people a year back on their feet in Africa. We are one of the only charities in the world doing this vital work and since … Read More

Join us on the Banjul Challenge 2019

Tom Williams / Gambia, Senegal

Legs4Africa have teamed up with the world famous Banjul Challenge this year to deliver by land vital prosthetic leg components to limb centres in Senegal and The Gambia.  If you are up for the challenge we want you to join in, to get amputees in Africa walking again. The Banjul Challenge organisers have generously announced that Legs4Africa will be their … Read More

My experience with Legs4Africa

Tom Williams / Inspiring Stories

This week we welcomed Ella McKeown into the office for a spot of work experience – she has just finished her GCSEs and is our official North Somerset badge box vendor. “I first discovered Legs4Africa when Tom (the founder of the charity) came to my school and gave an assembly on the work him and his team do for amputees … Read More

Beth gets a taste of Hollywood

Tom Williams / Gold Badge

Legs4africa team

In Beth’s words… In the simplest of terms Legs4Africa recycle prosthetic legs from UK based hospitals and send the components to partnering clinics in various African countries. However, to give back a persons ability to walk, run, play or ride a bike in parts of the world where disabled people often lack due visibility means the disparity between abled and … Read More

First Gold Badge goes to ‘Little Legs’ Sue

Tom Williams / Gold Badge, Leg News

Woman with Leg pin

What keeps Sue coming back each week? When I retired I wanted to replace a job I’d loved with something equally interesting and I was very lucky to find Legs4Africa. It’s so different from most of the charities I could have volunteered for. It’s unusual in that it’s a small charity with a huge reach.  By that I mean that … Read More

Leg Donor Legend

Tom Williams / Inspiring Stories

Man wearing mask

This is Dad. He always took the photos and was never in them so this is ages ago. My son liked it so we sent this one. Dad was 77 when he passed away. He was married to our mum Joan for just short of sixty years. They met when they were ten and played out together! Dad was a … Read More

Unlikely Bristol Partnership ensures 250 legs reach Ghana

Tom Williams / Ghana

Amputee children in Ghana

At the start of 2018 I had the privilege of visiting the OTC in Ghana, an Orthopaedic Training College a few hours North of Accra in Nsawam. The visit was extremely encouraging and, following lengthy discussions with Henry, the head of the Training College and Sister Elizabeth about how best Legs4Africa can support the centre, I came away with a … Read More