African West Coast to receive 1000 legs

Tom Williams / Gambia

prosthetic legs

Due to EU regulations, these legs are classified as medical waste and cannot be reused domestically. Without Legs 4 Africa’s intervention, they would be left to gather dust in storage, or be sent to landfill. Amputation is a serious issue in West Africa due to diabetes and civil war, and prosthetic legs typically cost £350 – more than the average … Read More

Legs4Africa – Putting Amputees and Africa in Perspective

Tom Williams / Case Study

people delivering prosthetic legs

During a casual holiday to The Gambia in 2011, I had no idea that the events that happened there would lead to the start of a new charity. Since that holiday, we have developed relationships with over 15 hospitals across the UK, received over 500 individually donated prosthetic legs, driven a van 3,723 miles from the UK to The Gambia, … Read More

Saturday morning pick-up from Limbcare

Tom Williams / Leg Work

legs in a truck

Saturday morning, bright and early at 8 a.m., Jack from GroundQube picked me up in his work van on his day off. We had 70 more legs to pick up from Limbcare that day. Earlier in the year Limbcare kindly gave us a few hundred legs which we have already taken out to Africa. To tell you a bit more … Read More

500 Legs delivered to The Gambia: DONE!

Tom Williams / Gambia

car on road

It’s been just over a week since we all arrived back into Old Blighty following the big leg drop to The Gambia, so thought now would be a good time to update you all on our trip. Waving Jamie and Chris off in the van with their precious cargo on April 15th we were hoping to keep you updated on … Read More

The Wonderful Mind of Megan Clarke

Tom Williams / Fundraising

woman delivering crutches

Megan Clarke is a freelance designer, illustrator, animator, inventor, filmmaker, script writer and wonderful person. She smiles a lot and she makes amazingly special videos of/for amazingly special things. I’ve only met Megan once and she may not have sensed that I had sensed something very special from her but I would like to make it clear now. Megan has … Read More

The First Leg!

Tom Williams / Inspiring Stories

men working on Prosthetic legs

Leg it to Africa’ will be an insightful journey following over 150 used and redundant prosthetic legs which we currently have in storage in the UK. As a short film it will capture them at their source; track their journey to the West coast of Africa and record those magical moments when an amputee is matched with a much needed … Read More