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Please donate bitcoin to Legs4Africa now and help build a better future for amputees in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Our bitcoin address is : 19x3sffsCt78j5hgbZcdsoRuvz9fXYHdW1

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How Donating Bitcoin To Charity Helps

The innovation of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is changing the way in which the world deals with wealth. Transactions without borders provides a host of benefits such as speed, security, transparency and smaller transaction fees.

Donating bitcoin to charity is an excellent way of supporting the causes most important to you. It allows you and your chosen charity to enjoy several key benefits of cryptocurrency.

How do you benefit from a bitcoin donation?

The charity does not have to pay capital gains tax on bitcoin meaning that your donation goes that much further.
Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies have increased in value over recent months which means your donation could also appreciate in value.

How does the charity benefit from your bitcoin donation?

Bitcoin is far more mobile than domestic currencies and can get to where it is needed much faster.
Bitcoin has lower transaction fees so the charity retains more money from your donation to use for its good work.

Donate bitcoin to Legs4Africa…

Innovations such as cryptocurrency are opening doors to an exciting future of easily transferred wealth. As with technology, it is essential that charities also continue to grow and change and to find better ways of working.

Innovation is the cornerstone of Legs4Africa’s work. We are working to remove borders between able bodied and disabled people by providing amputees in West Africa with intelligently recycled prosthetic legs and physical rehabilitation.

We are constantly looking for new and innovative ways of working to maximise the benefits for our prosthetic leg users, from finding more efficient ways of shipping prosthetic leg components to partner clinics in Africa, to the ways we can allow you, the supporters, to donate.

Bitcoin is a swift and effective way of providing Legs4Africa with the funding it needs to support amputees in some of the poorest countries in the world.

Donate your bitcoin now so that we can continue to innovate. We are constantly working to find new and exciting ways of supporting amputees in Sub-Saharan Africa so that they may lead more independent and fulfilling lives.