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Featured image for “Daniel Does a Good Brisk Walk!”

Daniel Does a Good Brisk Walk!

Occasionally our leg donors ask if we can tell them something about the person their prosthetic leg has gone to. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible for all sorts of reasons – not least because it’s impossible to keep track of one particular leg amongst the hundreds we send to different hospitals and mobility clinics in Africa. But every now and then
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Improving mental health for amputees in The Gambia

This World Mental Health Day the theme is ‘Mental Health in an Unequal World’. In The Gambia around 120,000 people suffer from mental illness, and only 10% of those get treatment. The layers of discrimination faced by people with limb differences mean for them, that percentage is even lower. At Legs4Africa, we are committed to changing these statistics. We are
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Legs4Africa in The Gambia: eMite Celebration Video

eMite are a funder who gave us £10,000 for our project work this year. While on their field trip to The Gambia, they filmed an amazing video celebrating the work they help us to continue out there!
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Wanna know a bit more about the incredible athletes featured in our launch video? Of course you do… So, these guys are our athlete pals from the UK, and from Ghana. UK side, we have Julie, Rosie, and Joe. Three brilliant, kind para-athletes that we’ve been friends with for a while now. Julie Rogers (Team GB Sprinter) has been an
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Leg Up featured on BBC Points West!

On Sunday August 29th 2021, we had a feature on BBC Points West! The BBC team visited our workshop to talk to Evie and Stefanie about the work of L4A and our new fundraising campaign ‘Leg Up‘. They also spoke to Muhammed Samasa, Administration Assistant in The Gambia.
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Our Tokyo 2020 friends

Find out which of our friends are competing at The Tokyo 2020 Paralympics, and when you can watch them do their thing on the global stage… Joe Bestwick Sport: Wheelchair BasketballRepresenting: Germany When are Joe’s games? (UK Time) Thursday 26th August, 1am vs USA Friday 27th August, 6.45am vs Great Britain Saturday 28th August, 3.15am vs Australia Sunday 29th August,
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It’s raining Legs!

We are super delighted to announce that we have officially collected a whopping 10,000 prosthetic legs! This is a huge number and means thousands of precious limbs have been saved from a life in landfill.This incredible achievement would not have been possible without our amazing individual donors, mobility clinic crews and our team of leg coordinators based in France, Australia,
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Featured image for “Karma on The Road – the reCYCLE trip”

Karma on The Road – the reCYCLE trip

Introducing Karma on The Road’s latest venture – TWO WHEELS ONE LEG On September 1st 2021, Luca and Giulia AKA Karma on The Road, will head off on their latest adventure – a cycling trip around Italy. “A BIKE TRIP THROUGH ALL OF ITALY … WITH ONE LESS LEG AND MORE ATTENTION: RECYCLING! WE WILL COLLECT USED PROSTHESES FROM ALL OVER THE COUNTRY TO GET
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Featured image for “How Christopher’s Leg may Help a Biker in Africa”

How Christopher’s Leg may Help a Biker in Africa

Many young Africans enjoy motorbikes and here in the UK, Christopher was no different.  He loved riding his motorbike until in 1972 when he was just 19, a drunk driver knocked him off his bike and as a result his leg had to be amputated. There the similarities between an African and a western biker end. With a prosthetic leg
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Featured image for “The African Charter of Human and People’s Rights (1981) and its relevance to Legs4Africa projects on the continent.”

The African Charter of Human and People’s Rights (1981) and its relevance to Legs4Africa projects on the continent.

The aim of this article is to explore the connection between the laws and principles of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights and the projects that Legs 4 Africa is carrying out on the African continent. Through exploring concepts such as the Ubuntu ethical rule and the principle of solidarity and community that underlies the African concept of
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Featured image for “Supplying African mobility centres with PPE supplies”

Supplying African mobility centres with PPE supplies

Vaccine inequity and fears of a new surge of the virus mean that the continued importance of protective measures and supplies cannot be taken for granted.
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Training in Ghana

Since the last update Morrow has been able to return to Ghana for the final year of his studies, COVID has meant that whilst the travel required additional checks it was not too much of challenge for him to get back. He’s now in the final weeks of the first term and is currently sitting his exams, which include written
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Featured image for “We made it! Leg Recycling goes GLOBAL…”

We made it! Leg Recycling goes GLOBAL…

We’ve had an exciting first quarter recycling legs. The mentoring relationship with Nav Solidaire in France is worth its weight in gold as they already have 27 centres on board, and a good number of these have already shipped components to their unit in Brittany. We’ve also seen the launch of the new landing page on our site tailored for
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Featured image for “TATCOT Bursaries”

TATCOT Bursaries

Molline, Ophia, Winnie and Judith are continuing to thrive at TATCOT, having recently completed their end of module exams. Last term they studied a range of modules including pathology, biomechanics, anatomy and physiology of the ankle, and workshop management, as well as a practical module in syme prosthesis which culminated in a final examination in which they successfully fitted a
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Featured image for “Shipments have been flying out!”

Shipments have been flying out!

We are in an exciting period of transition with our logistics processes, and we have collaborated to explore better ways of shipping components and design new processes for tracking deliveries and monitoring stock levels of our partner centres. In the future we’re aiming to switch from cardboard boxes to barrels which will allow us to send more parts at a
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An update on African Partners

The last three months have seen us conduct a baseline assessment of 9 of our 10 mobility centre partners, which has consisted of online surveys and face to face meetings over zoom. It has been a really positive experience talking with prosthetists, hearing their stories, their passion for mobility and also sharing in their concerns and offering support during these
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Featured image for “Community Activities in Uganda”

Community Activities in Uganda

Amputee Self Help Network Uganda (ASNU) has really been getting out there and making themselves visible as disability advocates and as an organisation since the start of the year. In March Charlotte, co-found and CEO of ASNU, delivered a weekend-long baking and crochet workshop for amputees ages 10 to 18. This was a relaxed, inclusive space where young people could
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Featured image for “The best way to support your Legs”

The best way to support your Legs

Last month we launched our latest regular giving campaign, this time encouraging you to take a Friday night off your dine in for 2 deal and instead get a leg to Africa… Thanks to Ella-strated‘s wonderful graphics, and the generosity of you lot, this campaign attracted 13 brand new monthly donors, and encouraged 2 current ‘mobilisers’ to increase their donations
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Matthew, the Dairy Scientist from Kenya

Often the stories amputees share with Legs4Africa tell us about how much having a prosthetic leg has transformed their lives but before they were able to access their leg many of them have faced the prospect of being unable to work to support their family and have despaired of how they will manage. One such amputee in Kenya is Matthew
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Featured image for “Sister Elizabeth Gives a Special Thanks to Rotary”

Sister Elizabeth Gives a Special Thanks to Rotary

Rotary Clubs across the United Kingdom have been actively supporting Legs4Africa to collect and dismantle prosthetic legs from across the country, so the components can be serviced and passed on the rehabilitation centres such as the OTC in Ghana.
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