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Community Activities in Uganda

Amputee Self Help Network Uganda (ASNU) has really been getting out there and making themselves visible as disability advocates and as an organisation since the start of the year. In March Charlotte, co-found and CEO of ASNU, delivered a weekend-long baking and crochet workshop for amputees ages 10 to 18. This was a relaxed, inclusive space where young people could
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The best way to support your Legs

Last month we launched our latest regular giving campaign, this time encouraging you to take a Friday night off your dine in for 2 deal and instead get a leg to Africa… Thanks to Ella-strated‘s wonderful graphics, and the generosity of you lot, this campaign attracted 13 brand new monthly donors, and encouraged 2 current ‘mobilisers’ to increase their donations
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Matthew, the Dairy Scientist from Kenya

Often the stories amputees share with Legs4Africa tell us about how much having a prosthetic leg has transformed their lives but before they were able to access their leg many of them have faced the prospect of being unable to work to support their family and have despaired of how they will manage. One such amputee in Kenya is Matthew
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Sister Elizabeth Gives a Special Thanks to Rotary

Rotary Clubs across the United Kingdom have been actively supporting Legs4Africa to collect and dismantle prosthetic legs from across the country, so the components can be serviced and passed on the rehabilitation centres such as the OTC in Ghana.
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Steps towards a Circular Economy

Linear vs Circular Economy Nowadays, our global development system is based on the so-called Linear Economy, which exploits natural resources to generate goods and services, closing its production process with the elimination of waste, destined to accumulate more and more. On the other hand, a Circular Economy aims to reduce most of the waste, converting it into an available resource
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Rehabilitation Centre Posters

If you are collecting returned prosthetic legs and components on our behalf, we encourage you to use these posters across your clinic to remind staff and patients that you’re involved.
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Alex Brooker presents: one year since our BBC Radio 4 Appeal

It’s been 1 year since our BBC Radio 4 appeal, and what a year it’s been…. I think it’s fair to say we were incredibly lucky with the timing of our appeal – it arrived just before the first of many lockdowns and gave us an opportunity to connect with a new network of like-minded, lovely listeners before we were
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Legs delivered to the Brother Tarcisius College in Ghana!

At the end of 2020, our increasingly empty-looking workshop was filled to the brim with a van load of stock donated by our friends at Opcare, containing essential items such as stump socks and silicone liners. These liners have now made their way to the Brother Tarcisius Prosthetics and Orthotics Training College in Nsawam, Ghana, as part of a delivery
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Meet our Grants and Trusts team

In September 2020 Esther, Jamie, Juliette and Rachael jumped on board and became our Grants and Trusts research team! Since then they have been working tirelessly to find new funding opportunities for Legs4Africa. So, it’s about time we introduced them… Who are they, what are they up to and what do they look like… What’s your name?Jamie Who are you
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Featured image for “Giving female amputees the ultimate leg up: TATCOT bursary project”

Giving female amputees the ultimate leg up: TATCOT bursary project

It’s been a strange old year, but while we battled the adjustments of the first lockdown, the second lockdown and the 126th lockdown, here at Team Legs we have soldiered on to find new and creative ways to get more amputees walking and working in sub-Saharan Africa than ever before.  We have therefore begun offering scholarships in prosthetic technology to
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Working alongside Nav Solidaire

At the end of 2019, we received an interesting phone call from a group of passionate young people from Northern France who said that they had seen what we’re up to and were considering to set up something similar in France. We invited them to spend a couple of days with us in Bristol so we could show them what
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Featured image for “Fundraisers of the Year – Karma on the Road”

Fundraisers of the Year – Karma on the Road

Meet our 2020 fundraisers of the year – Giulia and Luca aka Karma on the Road. They motorcycled all the way to Mauritania and raised enough money to get 206 legs to Africa. Who are ‘Karma on the Road’? We are Luca and Giulia, a young couple of italian bikers, and Karmaontheroad is basically our spirits together! We like the
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Meet our new friend Rosie

We’re super excited to have teamed up with Rosie Bancroft – ex GB para-swimmer, current (almost) dive master! What’s your name and who are ya? Hi, I’m Rosie – I’m 25 and live in Manchester. I was born missing my leg and wear a prosthetic. I was a professional para-swimmer for many years training with the GB team. I also
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Patient Information Posters

Please download and print the below posters for your patients.
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Every leg has a story

More often than not our blog stories are about the men and women and children in Africa who have received the legs that donors have recycled through Legs4Africa and how the prosthetic has so positively impacted on their lives.  We don’t often hear the stories of the people who have donated the legs so when Christine sent an intriguing note
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We’re back, baby!

Our biggest ever shipment is complete: 1,500 legs sent to 35 centres across 15 countries… Since emerging from hibernation, we’ve been quietly working on something BIG here at Legs HQ, something we’ve never done before, and we’re finally ready to share the news. Deliveries are AFOOT, and boy are there a lot of feet! It started as a simple idea:
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Say hello to our new Community Fundraisers

Who are they, what are they up to and what do they look like… What’s your name?Fionn Who are you in 3 words?Up, Down, Around Why did you want to join Team Legs?I’d like to move into a career with international NGOs and with such niche, useful and effective work an opportunity to work with Team Legs seemed like a
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Featured image for “Comedian Alex Brooker becomes Legs4Africa ambassador”

Comedian Alex Brooker becomes Legs4Africa ambassador

Following our super successful BBC Radio 4 Appeal, comedian and TV personality Alex Brooker has joined Paralympian Julie Rogers as our second celebrity ambassador! Alex’s role will be to spread awareness and generate donations for children and adults facing limb-loss across sub-Saharan Africa. Alex, who recently released the intimate and extremely personal documentary ‘Disability and Me’ said he “wanted to
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Rotary Update – 3rd Quarter 2020

No excerpt
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Tony gets a Gold Badge

When Tony reached out to us at the start of 2020 explaining that he’d recently become retired from a career of working on the railway and wanted to remain useful, we knew straight away that he was going to fit in. With Men’s Sheds groups not meeting like they used to and our pile of prosthetic legs (to be dismantled)
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Volunteer with us

We are looking for some new faces to join our little fundraising team and we have two opportunities available. Stroke your screen nicely to have a look at both role descriptions below…we hope to see your name drop into our inbox soon… Grants and Trusts Assistant Legs4Africa are looking for a Grants and Trusts Assistant – you’d be supporting the
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Featured image for “Recycle your car to get more people walking”

Recycle your car to get more people walking

Legs4Africa has received, on multiple occasions, donations through Charity Car, which is part of the largest scrap car recycling network in the United Kingdom, with over 300 branches around the country. Their system is simple: you either drop off your car to their closest branch or they freely come pick up your car in exchange for the market value of
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Featured image for “Happy leg news from Cameroon”

Happy leg news from Cameroon

We may not be sending legs out at the moment, but we’re still hearing great stories from our partner prosthetists about lives that are being changed by their hard work. Palle Loveline Diengu is a nurse from Cameroon who lost her leg due to a diabetes-related ulcer. She received a prosthetic leg from Presbytarian Community Rehabilitation Services (PCRS) in Kumba,
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Featured image for “COVID-19 Advice for Prosthetists”

COVID-19 Advice for Prosthetists

The International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics has published guidance for clinics that must remain open during the pandemic.  Below please find links to advice and resources listed in the document: World Health Organisation (WHO) transmission advice: WHO Standard Precautions: CDC Transmission-Based Precautions: Handwashing Guide: Guide to when and how to use masks: Sequence for
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Staying happy at home

Staying happy at home Legs4Africa’s guide to staying happy at home: activities you can do to keep sane Bouncing off the stairs? Staring at those white walls? Here’s some Leggy things to keep you and your precious brain occupied in isolation Activity 1: Play our addictive new game Snailed It and shout about how many magic beans you’ve collected. Weekly
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Fundraising from home

Stay Indoors 4 Africa #StayIndoors4Africa Fancy doing a spot of fundraising from your sofa? Here’s some ideas to mull over while you enjoy your 47th cup of tea today… We’re all in the same position…on the sofa, that we were a week or two ago. Isn’t quarantine relentless. So, how do ya fancy using up some of that time by
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Isolation Art Gallery

Isolation Art Gallery Introducing, the Legs4Africa Isolation Art Gallery: take a break from staring into the abyss and get creative with us While we’re all stuck indoors why not join our arty collective. Step 1: Paint a picture, write a poem, do a doodle, crochet a sock, record a video in sepia – anything you like really Step 2: Send
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Featured image for “Snailed it”

Snailed it

Snailed it: the game to get you through isolation Guide Terry Slow-Gan past stomping legs. Collect as many magic beans as you can and post your score online.Prizes for weekly winners posted to your quarantine hub. EscarGOforit! Play in Full Screen (best when playing on mobile) Play in Full Screen
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Featured image for “Coming together to get knees to the OTC”

Coming together to get knees to the OTC

Here at Legs, we’re all about partnerships, friendships, and the kindness of strangers – just call us Blanche! Our Deliver a Leg project is all about utilising that kindness and generosity of people making trips to the African continent. It’s a joy to link up with another organisation that’s willing to give us a leg up en route to their
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Recycling prosthetic legs in France

With simple ideas comes big potential.  Nav Solidaire, made up of 5 close friends from Normandy, France have seen first hand the huge waste of prosthetic legs in their country and have decided to do something about it. Luckily for them, Bristol is only 326 miles away (mostly over water and a bit of land) and the home of Legs4Africa
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Featured image for “Opcare support is making a huge difference”

Opcare support is making a huge difference

Legs4Africa has estimated that 1,000 prosthetic legs have been collected and recycled from Opcare since the charity began which is a fantastic achievement for everyone that is involved.  “If unwanted limbs weren’t recycled, they would go to landfill – even though they have plenty of life left in them. So Legs4Africa is helping to reduce the environmental footprint, reusing materials
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Featured image for “Every Leg Donation Has A Tale To Tell”

Every Leg Donation Has A Tale To Tell

Over the years Legs4Africa has received hundreds of prosthetic legs and we are very conscious that behind each donation there is someone’s personal story. It isn’t often that we learn what these stories are but when we do it makes us all the more aware that these legs have been such a significant part of someone’s life.  I learned this
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Featured image for “Gambia Amputee Football Team’s Birthday Celebrations and Reflection”

Gambia Amputee Football Team’s Birthday Celebrations and Reflection

For the Gambia Amputee Football Team, February 2020 was BIRTHDAY TIME!!! Marking a year since their first meetup. Being committed players, the team had an intense training session which included a very physical game of the old boys versus the youngsters; where energy and enthusiasm overcame age and experience.  Following that gruelling match, the post-training celebrations were an opportunity for
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Featured image for “Recycling Australian and Canadian prosthetic legs”

Recycling Australian and Canadian prosthetic legs

Prosthetic limbs have become an important part of our society as they enable amputees from around the World to acquire augmented mobility and autonomy. However, in Legs4Africa, we believe that the distribution of such prosthesis around the World remains highly unequal to this day. Indeed, countries of what we refer to as the Global North, are highly equipped with prosthetic
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Featured image for “Warmley Mens Shedder gets a gold badge”

Warmley Mens Shedder gets a gold badge

What is the Legs4Africa Gold Badge and why has Kelvin got one? The Legs4Africa Gold Badge cannot be bought, it can only be earned. Reserved for extraordinary advocates, supporters and members of the Legs4Africa family the Gold Badge is always presented to complete LEGends in person.  Since Warmley Mens Shed started working with Legs4Africa they have dismantled a staggering 725
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Featured image for “Heswall Rotary Club Recycling Prosthetics”

Heswall Rotary Club Recycling Prosthetics

For over 30 years the Rotary Club of Heswall in Merseyside has been involved in collecting prosthetic legs and supporting the work at the OTC (Orthopedic Training Centre) in Ghana where  hundreds of amputees are fitted with a prosthetic leg each year. An hour’s drive north of Accra in the town of Nsawam, the OTC is run by Sister Elizabeth
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Featured image for “Stonehaven on the Mobility Map”

Stonehaven on the Mobility Map

Scotland has a rich and exciting history with prosthetic legs, most notably during the first world war when soldiers with missing limbs were sent back from the front line to be treated at Erskine Hospital in Glasgow. Here prosthetic legs weren’t just fitted, but manufactured onsite from leather, willow and other types of lightweight materials that were available at the
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Featured image for “Delivering legs in a buggy”

Delivering legs in a buggy

This year Tarnie and Richard from Australia will begin an epic road trip that will see their home built beach buggy travel through the African continent as they make their way from Bristol to Cape Town.  Their objective is to ascertain how to create a different kind of adventure whilst working with various grass roots charities. One where part of
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Featured image for “Celebrating 90 Legs Making it Across the Sahara!”

Celebrating 90 Legs Making it Across the Sahara!

9 cars. 90 legs. 3500 miles. And a scrappy group of intrepid travellers with hearts of gold. Every year a team of adventurers forego the traditional Boxing Day turkey sandwiches and sales shopping and set off from Plymouth in a convoy of robust old bangers for the Dakar Challenge. This journey crosses through six countries, crossing the length of the
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Featured image for “Superhero fundraisers of the Year 2019”

Superhero fundraisers of the Year 2019

Meet Legs’ latest gold badge winners and top fundraisers of 2019 – Owen and Charlie! They both took part in the Superhero Series Triathlon and Winter Wonderwheels events. Between them, they ran 6k, cycled 3k and swam 150 meters – raising enough to get 108 legs over to Africa, meaning 108 people can have the opportunity to walk, work and live life to the full again.
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Featured image for “Update: Prosthetic Technology Female Amputee Bursary”

Update: Prosthetic Technology Female Amputee Bursary

The 31st January marked the deadline for the first stage of our Prosthetic Technology Female Amputee Bursary. This will pay for five female amputees from across the continent to travel to TATCOT in Tanzania and embark on a one year course in lower-limb prosthetics. Thanks to our African partner network consisting of mobility centres, disability advocates and community groups we
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Featured image for “Lamin’s Football Video-Club”

Lamin’s Football Video-Club

Lamin Jammeh is an entrepreneur and captain of the Gambia amputee football team. Almost every day there is a big football match on TV, be it Premier league, La Liga or Champions League. Which is great for Lamin’s video club business. Every match, he will carry his two TVs down to his video-club in Sukuta, Gambia, walking carefully on his
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Featured image for “Bristol Rotary Club Legs It To Kenya”

Bristol Rotary Club Legs It To Kenya

Here at Legs4Africa, it’s not just the snails doing all the leg work; we rely on friendships and partnerships with a range of organisations, one of which is Rotary, with a number of clubs around the UK forming a vital link in the chain of collecting and dismantling legs. And now Bristol Rotary Club have gotten in on the Deliver
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Featured image for “Clevedon Men’s Shed”

Clevedon Men’s Shed

Clevedonians and African Amputees Men’s Sheds are found all over the world and like the one in Clevedon they provide companionship and purpose to men who want to fill a space in their lives which may have been caused by sickness, retirement or bereavement or those who just want to make new friends. Whatever the reason, and wherever they are,
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Featured image for “Little Legs and more…”

Little Legs and more…

 ‘I have two legs now and I will grow to achieve my dream of becoming a driver’.   ……10 year old Brian from Uganda Read more about Brian’s story here Have you ever wondered how many outgrown or redundant prosthetic legs are out there, either in attics or under stairs or most likely on their way to landfill because the previous
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Featured image for “Legs Collected from Sheffield thanks to The Rotary Club of Rushcliffe”

Legs Collected from Sheffield thanks to The Rotary Club of Rushcliffe

The Rotary Club of Rushcliffe are well known for their active involvement in the community and for their generosity to support good causes both close to home and thousands of miles away. Having seen a BBC report highlighting the work that Legs4Africa is doing Peter Hewlett from the Rotary Club of Rushcliffe reached out to see if we needed any
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Featured image for “Retired GP turns to dismantling legs”

Retired GP turns to dismantling legs

When people retire they often choose to do all sorts of weird and wonderful activities that they’ve been looking forward to during their careers; they often involve buying camper vans and exploring their home country that they’ve always been too busy to visit or dedicating their time to worthy causes like Michael has chosen to do. Former GP Michael Nelki
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Featured image for “Delivering Legs to the Aderonke Rehabilitation Network in Abuja”

Delivering Legs to the Aderonke Rehabilitation Network in Abuja

Supporting amputees and fighting disability stigma and misinformation in Nigeria In October 2019, Ruth Larbey, a science communications editor at UWE, set off to Abuja, Nigeria to attend a workshop aimed at improving science and health communication through the media. We were able to connect her with our friends at the Aderonke Rehabilitation Network, so as well as delivering a
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Featured image for “Clinical Advice Group – Connecting Leg Makers in Africa and UK”

Clinical Advice Group – Connecting Leg Makers in Africa and UK

Legs4Africa Clinical Support Group is a closed Facebook group that allows professionals across the World to connect. It is designed to provide peer to peer support for amputee rehabilitation professionals across Africa. This group is supported by a team of UK based prosthetists, technicians, physiotherapists and other clinicians who can provide advice to any member of the group. It is
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Featured image for “Thank you Rotary friends”

Thank you Rotary friends

Legs4Africa would like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved with the following Rotary Clubs. Thank you for your generous support and for helping to set up an invaluable network of Men’s Shed groups across the UK. Because of you all, we are dismantling more prosthetic legs than ever, which in turn means we are getting even more
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