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Featured image for “Crikey, Legs4Africa is going Down Under!”

Crikey, Legs4Africa is going Down Under!

We put a shrimp on the barbie and had a chat to Callum, our Aussie friend who is heading up the expansion of Legs4Africa into Melbourne. Callum, tell us a bit about yourself! I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I am a filmmaker and social worker; I work with vulnerable young people and young people experiencing or at risk of homelessness and
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Meet the Trustee Squad

We realised we don’t shout about our trustee board enough, so here is a blog YELLING about them. Look at their lovely smiley faces, read what they’re all about, and discover your favourite fun fact… Chair of Trustees – Rich Hibbert Who is Rich and what does he do? “I’ve supported the charity since it’s early days – focusing on
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Featured image for “Knowledge4Change meets Legs4Africa: My Placement in Uganda”

Knowledge4Change meets Legs4Africa: My Placement in Uganda

This year we’ve been lucky enough to meet a fantastic group of prosthetics and orthotics students from Salford University who took a delivery of prosthetic components along with them on their placement to Uganda, where they worked with local hospitals and training schools and got to experience the journey of a case of Legs4Africa components all the way to assembly
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We’re looking for a new Trustee

Legs4Africa is the charity that gets people walking again in Africa. Through recycling prosthetic leg parts that would otherwise end up in landfill and setting up amputee-led support groups we help to get thousands of people a year back on their feet in Africa. We are one of the only charities in the world doing this vital work and since
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How to play Ampe?

Do you know how to play Ampe?  Originating in Ghana, it is a popular children’s game in Africa because any number can play and no equipment is needed so it’s a good game to play spontaneously anywhere with your friends. It’s fun, fast and furious. A leader is chosen and he or she stands opposite their first opponent. They both
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Featured image for “Who is Team Bright Star and why are they so awesome?”

Who is Team Bright Star and why are they so awesome?

Banjul Challenge 2018/19 Team Bright Star = Daniel, Peter, Karsten & Angela For all of us, joining the Banjul Challenge was already an amazing experience, but it got truly so much more enriched by supporting Legs4Africa! When Daniel got the word from a friend about the charity just a few months before we set off, we were thrilled to be
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Join us on the Banjul Challenge 2019

Legs4Africa have teamed up with the world famous Banjul Challenge this year to deliver by land vital prosthetic leg components to limb centres in Senegal and The Gambia.  If you are up for the challenge we want you to join in, to get amputees in Africa walking again. The Banjul Challenge organisers have generously announced that Legs4Africa will be their
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Amputee Football in The Gambia

There’s not much that will get anybody up at 7.30 on a Sunday morning. Yet for members of the Gambian Amputee Football Team this is standard practice, as they’re itching to head down to the beautiful surroundings of Senegambia Beach in the back of Bob Jabbie’s car to train. The team was initially brought together through Legs4Africa and the Gambian
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My experience with Legs4Africa

This week we welcomed Ella McKeown into the office for a spot of work experience – she has just finished her GCSEs and is our official North Somerset badge box vendor. “I first discovered Legs4Africa when Tom (the founder of the charity) came to my school and gave an assembly on the work him and his team do for amputees
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Featured image for “How a valuable partnership has restored one child’s ambitions for the future”

How a valuable partnership has restored one child’s ambitions for the future

CoRSu Rehabilitation Hospital in Uganda is an orthopaedic unit which primarily treats children and young adults who have various forms of disability and is one of Legs4Africa’s much valued partners. Thanks to the generosity of young amputees in the UK, Legs4Africa are able to send donated prosthetic legs to hospitals in Africa such as CoRSU where the impact on children’s
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New partners from Uganda

On Monday, June 24th 2019, Legs4Africa had the privilege to welcome Akram Semwanga, Gizamba Mafabi Henry, and Tom Baguma, three Ugandan prosthetists respectively coming from the Katalemwa Cheshire Home for Rehabilitation Services, the Mulago National Referral Hospital of Kampala, and the Fort Portal Regional Referral Orthopaedic workshop. In addition, we had the honour to welcome Kalibbala Mark Giggs, the community
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Unfinished Business

Gender equality and equity remain unfinished businesses worldwide. Women have to deal with constant challenges so as to stand up in front of all the inequalities, difficulties and gender stereotyping which still characterise modern societies. Gender policies as well as projects aimed at promoting human rights are essential tools which promote individuals strength and give people the chance to reach
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Beth gets a taste of Hollywood

In Beth’s words… In the simplest of terms Legs4Africa recycle prosthetic legs from UK based hospitals and send the components to partnering clinics in various African countries. However, to give back a persons ability to walk, run, play or ride a bike in parts of the world where disabled people often lack due visibility means the disparity between abled and
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Featured image for “Legs4Africa’s Impact on Global Development”

Legs4Africa’s Impact on Global Development

This Tuesday we attended a meeting organized by the UN Global Compact Network UK. The focus was  on how organisations can take action on the Global Goals. It has been a great opportunity to share thoughts, knowlegde and get a better understanding of the impact everybody can have towards Global Develompent Goals. One of the main purpose of human development
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Featured image for “Children are the future leaders of tomorrow…”

Children are the future leaders of tomorrow…

…so we need to take care of them. Ebrima Krubally (Isk to his friends) is a really valued member of the Legs4Africa team. Working in the Rehabilitation Centre in Banjul, Gambia, he is a qualified Orthopaedic Technologist and his job is to ensure that the component legs which Legs4Africa send to the Centre are reassembled so they fit each recipient
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Featured image for “First Gold Badge goes to ‘Little Legs’ Sue”

First Gold Badge goes to ‘Little Legs’ Sue

What keeps Sue coming back each week? When I retired I wanted to replace a job I’d loved with something equally interesting and I was very lucky to find Legs4Africa. It’s so different from most of the charities I could have volunteered for. It’s unusual in that it’s a small charity with a huge reach.  By that I mean that
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Featured image for “Charlie is one of Legs4Africa’s Legends”

Charlie is one of Legs4Africa’s Legends

When he was only 9 months old his family had to face the devastating news that Charlie had been diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma which is a rare form of bone cancer.  After months of intensive chemotherapy he recovered but his treatment had involved the removal of the diseased bone and soft tissue and, when he was old enough, he was
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Featured image for “First shipment for Senegal”

First shipment for Senegal

Less than four weeks ago our storage room was full of feet, knees and a lot of other prosthetic parts. I was asked to count and organize all the components to start preparing the shipment to Senegal, that was coming up within the next few weeks. It was such a great opportunity to learn how legs are manufactured and composed.
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Featured image for “Little Emmanuel from Ghana”

Little Emmanuel from Ghana

This is 5 year old Emmanuel Azarious Sobo-Blay. His story is typical of the sort of accident that can happen on busy roads.  He and his brother were doing an errand for their mother, taking fabric to the tailor. At the main road Emmanuel’s brother got across safely but Emmanuel was hit by a car and his injuries were such
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UK Aid Update

No excerpt
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Featured image for “Blisters4Africa – Bristol Half Marathon”

Blisters4Africa – Bristol Half Marathon

Blisters4Africa On your marks. Get Set. Half Marathon. This year we have some EXCLUSIVE places at the Bristol Half Marathon and if you ask nicely YOU could have one! The Half is on Sunday September 15th and there will be 5 Legs4Africa Leggers taking part. Full event details can be found here – Minimum fundraising target £350 – Lots of support, thank
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Featured image for “Why I want to work for Legs4Africa”

Why I want to work for Legs4Africa

Meet Margherita – our new Office Intern! She joined our little team in February and will be taking charge of our Deliver A Leg programme. “I would like to introduce myself and to share my expectations on this new experience with Legs4Africa by sharing a personal episode, which made me realize the reasons why I would like to contribute at
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Featured image for “Leg Donor Legend”

Leg Donor Legend

This is Dad. He always took the photos and was never in them so this is ages ago. My son liked it so we sent this one. Dad was 77 when he passed away. He was married to our mum Joan for just short of sixty years. They met when they were ten and played out together! Dad was a
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Featured image for “Gang take arms to Africa”

Gang take arms to Africa

“Delivering prosthetic arms for Legs4Africa has been the most selfless, rewarding experience we have ever had!” Ana Springall De Pablo While we were planning our trip to The Gambia we came across the Legs4Africa charity webpage. They were asking members of the public to give some of their baggage allowance in order to take prosthetic limbs and equipment to the
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Featured image for “Euan – A Legs4Africa Hero”

Euan – A Legs4Africa Hero

Having a prosthetic leg is a challenge at any age. For children, one of the challenges is being accepted by one’s peers at an age when making friends and taking up new hobbies and pastimes is so important. We never fail to be full of admiration for the little ones who accept their new leg as part of their life
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Featured image for “Unlikely Bristol Partnership ensures 250 legs reach Ghana”

Unlikely Bristol Partnership ensures 250 legs reach Ghana

At the start of 2018 I had the privilege of visiting the OTC in Ghana, an Orthopaedic Training College a few hours North of Accra in Nsawam. The visit was extremely encouraging and, following lengthy discussions with Henry, the head of the Training College and Sister Elizabeth about how best Legs4Africa can support the centre, I came away with a
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Featured image for “Open love letter to our Mobilisers”

Open love letter to our Mobilisers

In 2018, 55 people donated £16,592 between them. That’s an average of £25 per month each. This means, these 55 super special specimens gifted 1,383 people in Africa with the technology they needed to be able to walk again. We call these people The Mobilisers… We don’t know about you, but we thought 2018 was a pretty good year. We
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Featured image for “Introducing our hero, Jonathan Rhoades”

Introducing our hero, Jonathan Rhoades

Jonathan Rhoades is from Dorset. He is missing his left leg but despite this he has just completed 35km of open water swimming to raise money for Legs4Africa. We think he is an absolute hero and once you’ve read this we know you will too…   18/11/2018 – ‘The Last Swim’ “Dear Friends, It has been more than a year
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Featured image for “Lamin and the need for Little Leg Donations”

Lamin and the need for Little Leg Donations

Lamin Bojang is a 5 year old boy who, like any other 5 year old, enjoys going to school and playing with his friends. However, in June this year Lamin was involved in a car accident which necessitated having his left leg amputated. Thanks to a donation of a leg from a child amputee in the UK which was shipped
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Featured image for “Volunteer Harry makes use of leg room”

Volunteer Harry makes use of leg room

Several months before setting off to The Gambia I heard about Legs 4 Africa. Having read about them, I looked into the Deliver a Leg campaign. Motivated by being able to so easily and effectively help amputees in The Gambia, I got in contact. I soon received two boxes of prosthetic materials, packed these in a bag and was ready
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Featured image for “Unveiling the genius behind our frogs and sandwiches – Ella Kasperowicz!”

Unveiling the genius behind our frogs and sandwiches – Ella Kasperowicz!

Earlier this year we advertised for volunteer campaign artists in lots of trendy places around Bristol. Luckily all the blue-tacking posters on walls paid off and we attracted Ella, who stumbled across us through an Instagram post from Bzzaar. Ella received her illustration licence from Falmouth University in 2017 and loves playing with pens, words and ideas. She is the
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Featured image for “30KG charity baggage for Uganda CorSU”

30KG charity baggage for Uganda CorSU

Our experience with Legs4Africa was super easy and straightforward. After discussing my availability of luggage allowance, I had a box of just under 30kg delivered to my flat. We popped it in a taxi and took it to the airport. We had a letter emailed to us explaining to the airline exactly what was in the box and info about
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Featured image for “Walking back to school”

Walking back to school

  Leticia was 8 years old and was playing outside with her little sister when a drunk driver ran into them with his vehicle.  Leticia lost her right leg instantly and although the doctor thought he would be able to save her left leg, complications later meant that she would lose this leg as well.  She finally had her left
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Featured image for “Little legs turn Blessing’s life around”

Little legs turn Blessing’s life around

This is Blessing.  She was only 5 months old when she was brought to the Orthopaedic Training Centre (OTC) in Ghana.  Born with one arm, only four fingers on her right hand and very short limbs Blessing’s capabilities were severely limited.  However, thanks to the Little Legs Project, she was given two prosthetic legs and is able to look forward
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Featured image for “Use your carbon footprint for human footprints!”

Use your carbon footprint for human footprints!

Are you travelling to The Gambia or Ghana? If so you can help us. Legs4Africa are launching a new project ‘Deliver a Leg’ with a purpose to utilise travellers to deliver legs to amputees. Together we want to connect people in need, with prosthetic limbs – so that they can walk, work and wander with freedom, re-gain their independence, pursue
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Featured image for “Two pallets for Ghana”

Two pallets for Ghana

On Monday the 30th of April (2018) Phil and Tom from Legs4Africa prepared and shipped two pallets pallet bound for the OTC in Ghana. The pallets contains: 250 Feet 300 Pylons 100 Knees  Resin 100 Crutchs Stump socks Leather straps 40 KAFO devices We are collaborating with G-AID to ship the pallets to Ghana and expect them to arrive at
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Featured image for “First shipment for Nigeria”

First shipment for Nigeria

On Wednesday the 2nd of May (2018) Phil and Tom from Legs4Africa prepared and shipped a pallet bound for the Saint Joseph hospital and physiotherapy Rehabilitation Centre in Nnewi, Nigeria. The pallet contains: 200 Feet 300 Pylons 60 Knees  70 walking braces Stump socks Leather straps We expect the pallet to arrive at the hospital in July at which point we’ll
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BBC Radio 4 Appeal

A BBC Radio 4 AppealWith Alex Brooker & Evie Dickinson LISTEN NOW I was very lucky to get all my legs from the NHS, I always had that care – people in Africa don’t have that necessarily. Legs4Africa do incredible work and give people the opportunity to be mobile and live independent lives. — Alex Brooker Comedian, TV personality The
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Featured image for “First Visit – Orthopedic Training Centre in Ghana”

First Visit – Orthopedic Training Centre in Ghana

After the complete shambles at Accra’s International Airport trying to get in to Ghana which included complications with my visa, the drama of  a missing yellow fever certificate and finally with my main luggage not actually turning up I felt confident that things could only get better. I walked out of the airport with just my small bag complete with
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Signed Eden Hazard T-Shirt for our friend Lamin Jammeh

Lamin lost his leg after a severe break playing the game he loves, football. Though Lamin can no longer play football himself he has found another way of being involved with his local team; He coaches. During a previous trip to The Gambia Legs4Africa discovered that Lamin’s favourite footballer is Eden Hazard. Legs4Africa, impressed by Lamin’s attitude and commitment to
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Featured image for “My Dog Sighs”

My Dog Sighs

Artist Champions Recycling With prosthetic Leg Donation Bound For Africa UK based artist, My Dog Sighs, has ben applying his unique concepts of using reclaimed objects and materials to an interesting medium. In collaboration with Legs4Africa, the artist from Hampshire has used a donated prosthetic leg as a canvas. The prosthetic leg, after internal customisation and re-adaption, was recently delivered
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Featured image for “Gambia Project Progress Report 13/11/2017”

Gambia Project Progress Report 13/11/2017

The Launch The successful conclusion of our initial round of funding applications meant that the project started on schedule in mid September. Since then Legs4Africa has made a shipment of essential supplies to Banjul, provided further education for our Gambian prosthetist and completed the development of our service user tracking software. Initial Shipment In late September, Legs4Africa shipped the project’s
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Featured image for “Make a Christmas Donation: Christmas Appeal – Legs4Africa”

Make a Christmas Donation: Christmas Appeal – Legs4Africa

This Christmas Legs4Africa, an amputee charity, is inviting you to help amputees in Sub-Saharan Africa live more inclusive and joyful lives. With your Christmas donations our target is to raise £6,000, which can provide approximately 25 customised prosthetic legs along with physical rehabilitation. There are few records of how many amputees live in Sub-Saharan Africa, however, with type 2 diabetes
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Featured image for “Gambia Prosthetist Visits The UK”

Gambia Prosthetist Visits The UK

Gabu with Legs4Africa’s Physiotherapist advisor Emily Hancock Legs4Africa’s logistics coordinator Phil with Gabu in front of the Clifton suspension bridge In late September Gabriel Jarjue, the prosthetist who fabricates and fits prosthetic legs in The Gambia for Legs4Africa, flew to the UK for the first time. He was here to gain a deeper understanding of how Legs4Africa works from this
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Featured image for “Swimmer to help provide 250 prosthetic legs to amputees”

Swimmer to help provide 250 prosthetic legs to amputees

Fund-raising with flare Legs4Africa has some amazing supporters, they come from all sectors of life, but when amputees support the charity, it is something very special. Jonathan, an amputee due to a boating accident, has challenged himself to do a series of long distance swims, having done a 6 kilometre swim earlier this year, most recently completing a 10 kilometre
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Featured image for “Gambian amputee appeal receives generous material donation”

Gambian amputee appeal receives generous material donation

Limbtex, an independent manufacturer and distributor of materials to the Prosthetic and Orthotic Industry, has kindly donated several bottles of resin laminate to the Gambian Amputee Rehabilitation Appeal. The resin, an essential material for creating customised sockets for prosthetic limbs, was requested by Gabriel Jarjue, The Gambia’s soul Prosthetist as it, and similar materials, are very difficult and costly to
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Featured image for “Festival Volunteering for Charity”

Festival Volunteering for Charity

Jess Frost has been a valuable Legs4Africa volunteer for the last two years. She has fundraised, provided hands on help with local community projects in the Bristol area and is a key champion of the charity when the team attends music festivals. I was first given the opportunity to volunteer on the charity’s stall at Nozstock festival in summer 2016.
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Featured image for “How prosthetic limbs unlock the world of sport for amputees”

How prosthetic limbs unlock the world of sport for amputees

What makes an athlete? Is it how fast they run? How high they jump?… Or is it that determination that burns within them, forcing them onward, to go further, to run faster, to reach higher? Recently, an American veteran, Kirstie Ennis made a Summit Climb of the Carstensz Pyramid in Indonesia having already climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, all with
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Featured image for “The Volunteer’s Voice – Aoife Twomey”

The Volunteer’s Voice – Aoife Twomey

We’d like to introduce you to Aoife Twomey, a filmmaker from Bristol who gave her time to join Legs4Africa on a visit to The Gambia.  I was having a really bad day. But I managed to drag myself to my djembe drumming lesson and in a moment of honesty I told the guy next to me that I was struggling
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Featured image for “Leg it to Africa”

Leg it to Africa

We’re not saying that we’re super heroes… But… Origin stories are all the rage now, from the dusky beginnings of super heroes to the even shadier background stories of Breaking Bad lawyers. Naturally, Legs4Africa identifies neither with heroes or criminals, but we also have an origin story and though it may not be superhuman or have multiple seasons, we think
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