You throw a pretty good party WOMAD

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We couldn’t have asked for better weather at WOMAD this year. It was our 7th festival of the summer and we were starting to feel the effects of too much party, far too much tie dying and nowhere near enough sleep. We weren’t too sure what to expect from this experience which called itself  “the worlds festival”, but our anticipation arouse  … Read More

We love ‘Good News’ – Success in Zambia

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Anyone remember when we shipped 500 legs to Zambia last year? We are starting to see some very good results, helping lots and lots of people walk again and regain their independence. Dr Colin McDonald was stationed at the The University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia and found that they were in desperate need of the components to build more prosthetic legs. After … Read More

The L4A Leopards

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Dust off those trainers – The L4A Leopards need you! So, I’m writing this as I contemplate my running training plan for the Bristol 10k on Sunday 15th May. I can’t say I’m a runner, more of a trundler to be fair. Most of my 10k and half marathon sign ups have been whilst semi drunk or as I stare … Read More

Volunteer spotlight: Our doctor at ground zero

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The old man is still singing Congolese gospel hymns, even as the young doctor removes his leg. The operating theatre is humid, dark and is a far cry from the sterile, brightly lit theatres of the young doctors home. It’s already been a long day with an unending stream of cases coming through the door, some walking but most being … Read More

The curse of the African witch doctor

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Firstly a warning… This article contains references to practices which some of you may find disturbing. . Please, do not continue reading if you are easily distressed. What is a witch doctor? Witch doctors deal in maladies of the body, the mind and the spirit. They act as both healers and holy men often asking the spirit world for help … Read More

Vesbin around Truro for Legs4Africa

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Truro Foyer is a fantastic scheme that helps 16-25 year olds find their feet, by providing housing, education and has a great sense of community. The staff and young people of Lander Court designed and built ‘The Vesbin’, a bespoke mod styled wheelie-bin trike, complete with comfy seat, mirrors, lights, steering and classic black/white chequers. Turning  a wheelie-bin into a … Read More

The Gambian Wheelchair Basketball Team

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About an hour’s drive south of Banjul, in the town of Seracunda, lies the grounds of the Gambian Wheelchair Basketball Team. Here, in a tiny sports centre, athletes from across the nation meet up every week to train. Many of these players fit the training around professional careers as teachers, mechanics or doctors. For others, the community of the court … Read More

Port Eliot Festival Success

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The vibrant stall, the exciting volunteers and the opportunity to get creative made the Legs4Africa pitch a resounding success at Port Eliot this year. It’s been a long time gone, but tie-dye is officially back in fashion; with festival goers pouncing on the opportunity to colour-up their very own iconic Legs4Africa t-shirt. A multitude of techniques and styles where taught … Read More

Running round Truro with a Vesper-wheelie-bin

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Zooming around Truro in a mod styled wheelie-bin (or… VESBIN) collecting charitable donations! Sounds great fun, and it’s happening on the 11th November in Cornwall’s biggest city. The staff and residence of Truro Foyer, part of ‘Devon and Cornwall Housing Group’ or DCH, have been busily designing and creating the wheelchair-wheelie-bin, a bespoke made money collecting machine where Wayne Cross … Read More

Africa’s fastest critter countdown

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For the most part Legs4Africa is only interested in the simple yet life changing act of walking. Today we’d like to show you another aspect of Africa, its runners… Though, to be honest, you’d probably not want to see any of this lot hammering it down a country lane or, indeed, taking part in The Leicester Half Marathon… Though they will … Read More

3D printing prosthetic legs

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3D printing is the future of product manufacturing. It minimises waste materials, it is portable and it is fast. 3D printing prosthetic legs is not a new idea. Recently Derby the dog received his very own pair of 3D printed legs and now spends all his time wearing out his owners. Versatility Design and production, until the advent of 3D printing, was … Read More

Run the Leicester Half Marathon for Legs4Africa

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So… You wanna be a LegEnd and run the Leicester Half Marathon for Legs4Africa? You want to challenge yourself and make a difference to some of the poorest communities in the world? That’s great! Here’s the deal What we need from you… We want you to join our team and change people’s lives. We want you to run 13.1 miles … Read More

What’s Diabetes doing in Africa?

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The number of people who suffer from diabetes in Africa is uncertain. The World Health Organisation estimated that there were seven and a half million people with the disease in 2000. With the lack of a regulated health service it is impossible to say what the number now stands at but it is certain that the number of people with … Read More

Diabetes in the UK

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It is suggested by the NHS that people with diabetes in the UK are 15 times more likely to undergo an amputation than those without the condition. This article will answer: What is diabetes? Who is at risk? How is diabetes in the UK treated?? What are the best practices for minimising the chance of amputation? What is diabetes? Diabetes … Read More

She only went and did it!…

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An interview with an L4A Legend Cycling from London to Paris, I think you’ll admit, is kinda crazy. Cycling it with one leg and a prosthetic is into the tricky domain which is either genius or insanity… But this is just what Cassie has done. After finishing this arduous task Cassie found a little time in her busy schedule to … Read More

Success at Glastonbury

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Legs4Africa is growing. The word is spreading. People are paying attention. Another 2000 legs are in storage, ready for shipping. However, we are still just a tiny group of friends volunteering in their spare time. Across the country, potential donors – medical centres, hospitals and amputees – are discarding prosthetic limbs, without the knowledge that an organisation like Legs4Africa even … Read More

Meet Madi – Amputee Journalist

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Madi Njie is an outspoken journalist and an amputee. He now writes for the Daily Observer, after his first newspaper The Independent was brutally closed down by the Gambian government for articles that criticised the president (in power for over 20 years) and his policies. Madi lost his leg when he was 12, while helping on his family’s farm during … Read More