What does it take to cycle from London to Paris?

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three cyclists

Cassie, an amputee from South East London Cycles 170 miles to support Amputees in West Africa Cycling 170 miles over three days is a challenge which most people would avoid. Not only does she have a name that might be found in the pages of marvel comics but, Cassie Cava, 23, has stepped up to the challenge with her prosthetic … Read More

Introducing.. The amputees of Africa

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Gambian amputees

Maybe you have donated time, money or a prosthetic limb. Maybe you want to know more about the people that you will help before you make a donation. In this new series of videos Legs For Africa is proud to introduce the people that your aid can help. It is a weekly insight into the lives of the people who, … Read More

Legs4Africa meets Musa the Mechanic

Tom Williams / Gambia, Inspiring Stories

Gambian men and children in front of a car

Days like today remind us why our efforts our worth sacrificing. Having picked up a motorbike first thing with no paperwork we switched the number plate with one that did and cruised the dirt tracks of outer Brikama in The Gambia and visited a list of inspiring amputees which had been recommended that we speak with from the Gambia Federation of … Read More

A Day Out in a Gambian Primary School

Phil Tunstall / Gambia, Teaching

Gambian school children in a classroom

Today Legs4Africa took a trip to a Gambian Primary school in Kerrserign. A large school with a large name, The Sanchaba Jobe Lower Basic School educates a whopping 3600 children and has doubled in size in just 3 years, the 75 teachers have really got their work cut out, and split the days so as to educate half the students … Read More

Legs4Africa partners with The GFD

Phil Tunstall / Gambia

The Gambia association of the physically disabled

Legs4Africa is very pleased to announce that they have partnered with The Gambia Federation of Disabled. Known as the GFD to its friends, it is the umbrella organisation that looks over all of the disabled peoples groups in The Gambia, from schools for the blind to the Gambian Paralympic Committee. In January we had the privilege of spending some time … Read More

African West Coast to receive 1000 legs

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prosthetic legs

Due to EU regulations, these legs are classified as medical waste and cannot be reused domestically. Without Legs 4 Africa’s intervention, they would be left to gather dust in storage, or be sent to landfill. Amputation is a serious issue in West Africa due to diabetes and civil war, and prosthetic legs typically cost £350 – more than the average … Read More

Guest Blog: Legging it to The Gambia

Caroline Dyer / Gambia, Leg News

prosthetic legs on a train station

A friend of Legs 4 Africa decided to take a month off and drive to The Gambia. Great idea we said – fancy taking some legs for us…? In the first of his blogs, Will takes us through the highs and lows and humour of his adventure. Everyone recognises a smile. All around the world, the one human constant is … Read More

Border crossings, Police fines, Breakdowns and Military Coups – On the road with Legs4Africa

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the team crossing a border

A journey to visit a hospital in Dakar, Senegal from Legs4Africa’s Banjul base in The Gambia provided many obstacles. The mission was to visit their prosthetics centre and see if it matched our criteria so we could supply them with legs in the future. Myself and Tom (Legs4Africa UK) set off with Bamba the driver and Bob (Legs4Africa Gambia) who … Read More

Legs 4 Newcastle Walker Technology College

Tom Wolfe / Leg News

prosthetic legs

Hello Everyone, Thought it was about time I wrote another little blog post for Legs4Africa (or L4A if you’re in to your acronyms) as something absolutely brilliant has happened since I last wrote one… Legs4Africa has received official charity status!!! That’s right, we have the special number and everything! Don’t believe me? Then go and check, go on, it’s 1158697. … Read More