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Elaine jumps 10,000 ft for more legs!

Great news from our Legs 4 Africa supporter Elaine in the West of Scotland, who has just completed a skydive from 10,000 feet to raise funds for Legs 4 Africa as well as cancer research.  Elaine contacted Legs 4 Africa back in February to donate a prosthetic leg belonging to her father, who sadly passed away some weeks before. Her
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Get your leg over (to Africa)

The Charity Legs4Africa is asking for people to donate their old prosthetic legs, so they can be given a new life by amputees in the developing world. Legs4Africa is a small UK charity dedicated to re-using old prosthetic limbs.  It collects them from around Britain and then sends them to some of the poorer nations of Africa, where they can
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500 Legs delivered to The Gambia: DONE!

It’s been just over a week since we all arrived back into Old Blighty following the big leg drop to The Gambia, so thought now would be a good time to update you all on our trip. Waving Jamie and Chris off in the van with their precious cargo on April 15th we were hoping to keep you updated on
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Legs4Africa meets Sait

10 years on and Sait, a 20 year old trainee teacher still has no idea as to what caused his legs to stop working. At 10 years old he woke up one day to find his legs feeling numb with pins and needles. “They felt like they were on fire” he explains to me “like my blood inside was boiling
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500 Legs arrive at the Royal Victoria Hospital!

Now, I have a little confession to all our Legs4Africa followers. On Friday we posted that all the team, van and 500 legs were safely reunited in the Gambia. The fact of the matter is that whilst the team was very much here, our van and its contents were being held at customs waiting for government officials, the minister of
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Easter in The Gambia

Easter Sunday and therefore a day off for the Legs4Africa crew! We were invited by Dominic, our go to advisor, friend and the son of the first amputee Tom met 3 years ago, to attend Easter service with him at church and then have lunch with his family. The church service was very similar to that of a catholic service
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Meeting Usman – Hit by a lorry

Dominic collected us bright and early this morning to meet and interview our very first amputee. Travelling along the red dusty road in the back of the truck we were excited to meet the family who lived in a rural part of The Gambia. Children came running out from houses to shout and wave, we passed a procession for the
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The Wonderful Mind of Megan Clarke

Megan Clarke is a freelance designer, illustrator, animator, inventor, filmmaker, script writer and wonderful person. She smiles a lot and she makes amazingly special videos of/for amazingly special things. I’ve only met Megan once and she may not have sensed that I had sensed something very special from her but I would like to make it clear now. Megan has
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From the First leg to the Last Leg.

A couple of years ago on a Cornish coastal walking holiday with several friends, Legs4Africa Founder Tom Williams was modestly telling me all about his recent trip to The Gambia and how after meeting an amputee (Paul) he had ended up returning to The Gambia a second time and surprising Paul with a prosthetic leg! The story of how Legs4Africa
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A Wonderful Gift from Zee

This was my very first leg collection. Tom and his team at Legs4Africa are based in Leicester. They normally round up donated limbs but we received a donation from London, so I offered to help out with the collection. Zee contacted Legs4Africa, having tried unsuccessfully on many occasions to donate her unused prosthetic to other schemes, only to be told
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A very special Leg

Here’s a question for you to ponder as you make your way through the perils of another Monday morning, Q.  Charity.  What does it actually mean to you? The definition of charity in the Oxford Dictionary (depending on your edition) is: The voluntary giving of help, typically in the form of money, to those in need. Ok, so, another question
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When Legs4Africa met Limbcare

With an early Saturday start, Jack Gutteridge from ‘Ground Qube’ kindly offered to drive myself and Alex from ‘Created By TEN’ in his company van to pick up approximately 250 redundant prosthetic legs from Limbcare in Camberly near Reading. It was the first time the two charities were to meet and with the laughs that we had we’re thrilled that
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The First Leg!

Leg it to Africa’ will be an insightful journey following over 150 used and redundant prosthetic legs which we currently have in storage in the UK. As a short film it will capture them at their source; track their journey to the West coast of Africa and record those magical moments when an amputee is matched with a much needed
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