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Here at Legs4Africa, it’s not just the snails doing all the leg work; we rely on friendships and partnerships with a range of organisations, one of which is Rotary, with a number of clubs around the UK forming a vital link in the chain of collecting and dismantling legs. And now Bristol Rotary Club have gotten in on the Deliver a Leg game!

Peter J. Guttridge of Bristol Rotary Club heard about us after our founder, Tom, stopped by back in October 2019, having been kindly invited to come and give the club more information about our leggy mission. Since he and his wife would be stopping in Nairobi for two days in January before heading to Zanzibar, and would have plenty of spare baggage allowance, he saw the opportunity to give us a leg up with a delivery to one of our partnered hospitals in Kenya.

The Deliver a Leg project aims to lower delivery costs and carbon emissions by utilising the spare baggage of travellers who are already venturing to the African countries in which we work, meaning that we can provide our partnered mobility centres and hospitals with more regular deliveries of prosthetic components that hugely reduce the cost to amputees of paying for a prosthesis.

The AIC CURE International Hospital in Kijabe is working tirelessly to improve the health and wellbeing of children and the wider community. We have a much smaller stock of children’s feet and legs, but jump at any opportunity to get these delivered to the hospitals and mobility centres that need child-size components. After communicating with the head of the prosthetics department, Seith Simiyu, we packed up two suitcases full of 19 children’s feet and legs and various other vital components such as stump socks, liners and suspension belts, which Peter picked up from our office in Bristol on a frosty December day, along with the necessary documentation for transporting second-hand charitable goods into Kenya.

Packing for a holiday to Kenya? Don’t forget your legs!

Delivering legs can happen in such a variety of ways depending on the traveller; some of our volunteers have flexible schedules that allow them to deliver directly to the mobility centre and see how their donation will be used, while others organise a time to meet a member of staff at their accommodation. But of course all Deliver a Leggers will have their own itineraries which may not have much time to spare – not a problem! Peter simply left his bags safely with hotel reception and a member of hospital staff hopped in an Uber to collect them – it couldn’t be simpler!

Thank you, Peter and Bristol Rotary Club for helping us reach more amputees and enabling children in Kenya to live healthy, happy lives that are not defined by their disability.

Are you travelling to any of the African countries we’re partnered with? Visit to check the list and register your interest to put a few legs in your luggage!

Not travelling soon but would still like to help? Visit to donate or see how else you can support us!

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