June 14, 2023

Ortho-Promed: A Journey of Resilience in Rwanda

Featured image for “Ortho-Promed: A Journey of Resilience in Rwanda”
Nsabimana Safari, Unimana Jacques, Angelique Uwamahoro, Mukamana Jaqueline, Rutagengwa Felicien

As part of our mission at Legs4Africa (L4A) to amplify the strength and resilience of amputees in Africa, we have had the privilege of collaborating with a number of amazing partners. Today, we want to spotlight Orthopromed, a small prosthetic clinic based in Rwanda. This partnership, though challenging, has offered many learning opportunities and underscored the sheer determination and commitment of individuals in this sector.

Orthopromed, led by the incredibly dedicated Uwamahoro Angelique, is a small center employing a team of six staff members. Despite the daunting challenges they’ve faced, including business difficulties exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, their tenacity to continue serving their patients has been nothing short of inspiring.

With an evident alignment to L4A’s vision, mission, and values, Orthopromed has shared our aspiration for affordable prosthesis and prioritized employment for those with limb loss. Their drive to serve their community and maintain a patient-centered approach is deeply admirable, even when it has resulted in financial struggles. Angelique’s devotion to her patients and her warm-hearted nature have often placed her clients’ needs before the financial sustainability of her business.

Angelique’s determination and passion are evident in her future plans. She is considering furthering her education in prosthetics at Rwanda University and has shown interest in expanding her clinic’s reach to serve more patients in need. Her ambition includes supporting amputees in starting businesses through starter loans.

The resilience and dedication of Angelique and her team at Orthopromed remind us of the powerful impact one person can have on their community. Angelique’s beautiful quote, “Disability should not be the reason for inability,” encapsulates the essence of our mission at L4A.