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Matt Thomson, L4A's Fundraising Manager

We have created the Limb Powered Challenge to allow anyone to take on one of Africa's greatest natural challenges remotely from anywhere in the world! By participating, you will help us provide prosthetic legs to those in need. It costs us about £20 to process each prosthetic leg, and we rely on the support of the public to continue our life-changing work.

The challenge is designed to be flexible and accommodate various abilities, with a few specific rules to inspire creativity and adaptability. We want everyone to feel inspired and motivated to join this great cause. I am personally going to join in on the fun and take on the Nile Trailblazer Challenge, aiming to get it done over the summer. Do you think you can match me?

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Juliette Plagne

Dad & I raised £414 for Legs4Africa with a 10km run. Each step felt meaningful & highlighted our power to make a difference. Take on a sponsored challenge to appreciate mobility & make an impact. Highly recommend Legs4Africa.

Why Join The Challenge?

  • We're making an impact

    Join us on our 10th year of making an impact. We have delivered over 14,000 legs in the last decade and recycled massive amounts of medical equipment from landfill. We support a range of disability-led community organisations and are doing our bit to support the growth of the prosthetics industry in Sub-Saharan Africa.
    You can make an impact

    Every £20 raised is enough to save a prosthetic leg from the waste pile, refurbish it and pass it through quality control, and then ship it to a prosthetist in one of our partner mobility clinics in sub-Saharan Africa. This small, achievable amount can really change somebody's life, as well as reduce wasted resources. We need you to step up and put your best foot forward.
    You can be impacted

    As well as feeling good about what you've done, you can take some mindfulness minutes to appreciate the power of mobility and use these steps towards an active lifestyle to give somebody else the opportunity to walk again.

One day to reach your goal!

Feel the heat and take on the ultimate one-day challenge to test your limits. See how far your limbs can take you in just one day.
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1000 miles, 365 days!

Embark on a journey of a thousand miles, test your endurance, and make an impact on people's lives - your year starts now.
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A team of warriors!

Get your friends together, and work as a team to virtually tackle a mountainous challenge. Collectively or competitively, reach your target over a weekend of fun!
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