Recycle your car to get more people walking

Jules Lopez / Fundraising

Legs4Africa has received, on multiple occasions, donations through Charity Car, which is part of the largest scrap car recycling network in the United Kingdom, with over 300 branches around the country. Their system is simple: you either drop off your car to their closest branch or they freely come pick up your car in exchange for the market value of your scrap car. No matter if your car is faulty, broken, old, damaged, or has any sort of issue, they will be interested in turning your car into a donation for a good cause. Many cars are recycled in order to reduce the waste coming from the car industry, but if a car holds enough value to auction they can raise even more money for charity.

“The Charity Car team is delighted to have helped people donate their old cars to Legs4Africa, which makes such a significant difference to people’s lives with such innovative recycling! We look forward to processing more car donations for this great cause in the future.”

Rebecca Currier | Marketing Manager – Charity Car

Generous supporters of Legs4Africa have already used Charity Car to donate old cars to our cause, which represents a major donation and a crucial help to our charity. This is all possible due to the ingenuity of the system they have put in place. Legs4Africa has used such donations to fund 3 shipments of prosthetic legs to our partner mobility centres in various countries in Africa. A great result from some old cars!

Charity Car takes care of all potential issues, sorting out the official paperwork and picking up your car for free. You can also speak to their lovely customer services team to find out how much your car is worth in advance in order to make the best decision possible. 

If you are interested in donating your car to Legs4Africa, please visit: Charity Car

As we all know, recycling more is essential for a greener future, a future with less waste and fewer resource extractions in order to have more respectful actions towards our planet. Reducing our carbon footprint is a crucial objective of our society, and alternatives like Charity Car are blooming. Recycling cars is not yet ingrained in us, but it can and it is a fantastic way to reduce our personal impact on the environment. Therefore, we highly encourage all individuals to use Charity Car to recycle your car if you are looking to let go of your old vehicle. 

Now is the time for a recycling-oriented world!

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