Do something incredible with your wedding day

Marriage is a beautiful thing; A union between to people who will support each other throughout life, facing any difficulty and enjoying life’s rewards…

But this isn’t always so easy. Imagine living in a society where poverty is a very real issue. Now, imagine living in a society such as this with a physical disability.

In societies where support services are rare, it is far harder, as a person with physical disabilities, to find a partner. This is not because these people are not kind, loyal, and loving, but because of the cold hard practicalities of the world. When facing a life where hardship is a very real issue, marriage cannot simply be about love, it also has to be about  a partners ability to financially and physically support a young family.

The solution is to provide a means of independent living for amputees, to let them contribute to their society  as an equal, to become more productive and provide the means to earn a living and to help support their new family.

By providing equipment and support for partner clinics in poorly resourced countries, Legs4Africa works to provide opportunities for amputees to claim independence, remove reliance on others and to support themselves.

Alieo and his family. Find out here how Alieo was able to get married and build a house for his family after being fitting with a prosthetic leg.

“Marriage is about supporting each other. We want to help get amputees into the best possible position so that they can build and enjoy a fulfilling life with their partner.” Phil Tunstall, Legs4Africa Logistics.

We would like to invite you to help us provide more opportunities to more amputees to live the life that they deserve, to gain confidence, rejoin society, find work and enjoy a lifelong union with the person whom they love.

Charity Wedding Pledges

Pledge Your Wedding Gift and change lives

Through celebrating our wedding, we were delighted to sponsor a consignment of legs to be taken to people who desperately need them in sub-Saharan Africa.
Matt and Caz

If you are about to embark on the journey of marriage with the one you love and you feel that you already have it all, please consider pledging your wedding gift to Legs4Africa. By asking friends and family for donations on your wedding day rather than gifts for yourselves, you are providing a chance for amputees to find the love that we all deserve.

Show your friends and family that you believe that love should be accessible to all. Simply create a fundraising page through either of the links below, fill out the details where instructed and you’ve got yourself an extremely generous alternative to a wedding Gift List. 

Charity Wedding Favours

Wedding Favours to make a difference

Legs4Africa offers charitable wedding favours in the form of high quality pin badges. Each badge comes affixed to a card upon which you can write a name or a note. The cards also contain information about the amazing work that your gift is allowing Legs4Africa to do with amputees in Africa.

Show your guests what is close to your heart with Legs4Africa wedding favours.

£2.50 each and postage in FREE within the UK