October 23, 2017

Make a Christmas Donation: Christmas Appeal – Legs4Africa

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This Christmas Legs4Africa, an amputee charity, is inviting you to help amputees in Sub-Saharan Africa live more inclusive and joyful lives. With your Christmas donations our target is to raise £6,000, which can provide approximately 25 customised prosthetic legs along with physical rehabilitation.

There are few records of how many amputees live in Sub-Saharan Africa, however, with type 2 diabetes on the rise, insufficient medical resources and minimal health and safety practices, it is safe to say that the number of amputees is several orders of magnitude higher than that of the UK.

In societies that lack support services and still harbour prejudice against people with disabilities, amputees in Sub-Saharan Africa often remain isolated in their homes, unable to take their place in the greater society.

Though Legs4Africa understands that there will be no overnight improvement of provision of health care nor public perception of disability, we believe that it is possible to change minds and hearts through example. With your Christmas donation we can provide the opportunity for individuals to flourish and show that disability does not mean inability. Together, we can provide the change needed for amputees to lead more fulfilling and independent lives.

Thanks to the incredible support that Legs4Africa has received since it began in 2013, over three thousand legs have been delivered for parts to some of the poorest countries in the world for re-adaption and customisation. Legs4Africa has cultivated partnerships with clinics to customise and fit legs as well as developed rehabilitation programs to support amputees moving forward.

Due to people like you, every year hundreds of amputees are reclaiming their physical independence, families are having responsibilities of care lifted and, where the future seemed bleak, people now have hope.

Please, make a Christmas donation and give amputees in Sub-Saharan Africa the opportunity to take their rightful place in the world.

Thank you.