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Clevedon Mens Shed

Clevedonians and African Amputees

Men’s Sheds are found all over the world and like the one in Clevedon they provide companionship and purpose to men who want to fill a space in their lives which may have been caused by sickness, retirement or bereavement or those who just want to make new friends. Whatever the reason, and wherever they are, Shedders will acknowledge the beneficial part it plays in their health and wellbeing.

Typically a Men’s Shed has the resources of a workshop so that members can meet up once or twice a week in a friendly environment to use whatever skills they have, from the most basic to highly developed, to help others in the community by making and mending things. You may have seen examples of their work as some of their most successful items such as wooden toy trucks, trains and tractors as well as beautifully carved Christmas Tree decorations have been on sale at various fairs or markets in and around Clevedon.

In Bristol there is another charity, Legs4Africa.  They collect artifical legs from all over the UK and ship them to specific orthopaedic centres in Africa, particularly Ghana and the Gambia.  Apart from birth defects and illnesses such as diabetes, amputation can occur due to all manner of reasons from snake bites to traffic accidents or simply as a result of breaking a leg whilst playing football. However, very few people can afford to be fitted with an artificial leg so to receive a leg through Legs4Africa is life changing for them. Children can go back to school, adults can work to support their familes and all can take an active part in the community. 

Legs4Africa collects outgrown, unwanted prosthetic legs from individuals, hospitals and centres  but before they can be shipped to Africa, the legs must be dismantled and this is where Clevedon Men’s Shed comes in. The Shedders dismantle them so that, when they reach the clinic in Africa, a bespoke leg can be assembled from the parts to fit the  recipient.  

Men’s Sheds recognised the part they could play in putting a person’s life back together again and so the partnership with Legs4Africa began. Men’s Shed in Clevedon welcomes new members so if you would like to know more, please contact David Young at  

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