Clinical Advice Group – Connecting Leg Makers in Africa and UK

Phil Tunstall / Leg Work

Legs4Africa Clinical Support Group is a closed Facebook group that allows professionals across the World to connect. It is designed to provide peer to peer support for amputee rehabilitation professionals across Africa. This group is supported by a team of UK based prosthetists, technicians, physiotherapists and other clinicians who can provide advice to any member of the group. It is a way of swapping skills, asking for advice, and sharing new techniques.

The groups aim is to become an active, community forum with a wealth of educational resources available to any clinician involved in prosthetic rehabilitation anywhere in Africa.

You will be asked a few short questions when joining the group, this is because we want to keep the group to professionals.

Please read the below guidelines before posting in the group:

  • We encourage everyone to create a short post to introduce yourself and what you do.
  • Please ask permission from your patients before you post any photos or videos.
  • Please include as much detail as possible when asking a question, if you can provide photos or a video that will be a bonus. Be as clear as possible what exactly you would like to know or gain from the advice team.
  • Give as much detail about anything you have already tried and what outcome you would like to achieve for your patient. For example is there an activity they would like to get back to?
  • The advice team are all amputee rehabilitation specialists so may not be able to give advice on other medical issues for patients.
  • The advice team may not be able to fulfil specific requests for items to be sent to you. Any requests will be reviewed by the Legs4Africa team and they will get back to you.
  • The advice group is designed to be a peer to peer group and therefore we do ask that you do not add patients who are not involved in amputee rehabilitation themselves.

We look forward to meeting you virtually soon!

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