Enabling Limb Centers in 6 Steps

Cohesive & Effective Recycling of Prosthetics

How your mobility centre can get amputees back on their feet in sub-Saharan Africa

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Legs4Africa is the charity that gets people walking

We want to make prosthetic leg rehabilitation affordable for everyone living with limb-loss in sub-Saharan Africa. To address the challenges that we face, we need people like you and centres like yours to jump on board.

Recycling good quality prosthetic legs is one of the ways we support limb-fitting centres in Africa. By supplying legs for free, we can offer amputees affordable access to assistive technology and help centres to keep up with high demand.

Group of training prosthetists receiving a donation

How To Get More People Walking

We currently receive and ship around 2,000 legs a year from hospitals across the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada and France. But In Africa, 1.7 million amputees are still in need of a limb to help them live independent lives. In order to change this clear imbalance, we need people like you, and centres like yours to jump on board.

Recycling legs is easy - all you need to do is follow a few simple steps, and we’ll do the rest:

1. Start Accepting Returned Limbs

We suggest putting a poster up in your waiting room to let patients know that you’re on board.

2. Remove Sockets & Cosmetics

These are the parts we can not accept and recycle.

3. Separate Foot, Pylon, Adaptors & the Knee

These are the parts that we can accept be reused across our mobility network.

4. Put All Parts in a Rigid Box

Not exceeding 30KG's so we can protect everyone's knees and backs

5. Let Us Know You’ve Got a Box Ready

And we will arrange for it to be collected at a time that suits you.

6. Parts Will Then be Processed & Shipped

To a trusted network of limb fitting centres across sub-Saharan Africa

Legs4Africa has provided us with a convenient, ethical and eco-friendly way to recycle our used prosthetic components. We store any items that still have economic value — Legs4Africa do the rest!

Bex Yearworth

Prosthetic Quality Engineer,
Opcare UK

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Find out which components can be recycled here.

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Industry Friends

If your limb fitting centre is managed by Opcare in the UK, or OAPL in Australia please direct boxes directly to your company head office where they are kindly forwarded onto Legs4Africa.

Poster Downloads

We’ve got 3 bright and informative posters that we encourage supporting limb centres to stick up on the wall so patients and staff know that you’re on board.


Request Liability waiver

We can provide you with a ‘hold harmless’ agreement on request.
The centres that we supply in Africa accept full liability for the components they receive. Nothing is trackable once it leaves your workshop. The parts will be checked and tested by a professional prosthetist in Africa before they are reused.

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