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A Collector Coordinator in Detail.

Do you work in a clinic that sees unwanted prosthetic components getting thrown away? If so, join us on our mission to deliver affordable rehabilitation for amputees across Africa.

We’re looking for forward-thinking, passionate individuals who want to make a difference from their workplaces, by making sure unwanted prosthetic legs are recused, dismantled and sent to our collection hubs - before being shipped to our trusted network of Mobility Clinics across sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Save money on waste disposal
  • Reduce the amount of rubbish filling landfills
  • Protect the earth by mining fewer materials
  • Extend the serviceable lives of the things we use
  • Make prosthetic devices more affordable and accessible
  • See opportunities made equal

I am originally from South Africa and have experienced first-hand the effect of state funding running out and the limited componentry that is available in African countries. So it’s wonderful for me to be able to give something back and hopefully change some lives along the way. When you see what it means to people in these countries it really makes your heart swell! Prosthetic componentry is very expensive, I believe it is a complete waste not to recycle parts to less fortunate people, especially considering that we are unable to do anything with them”

Daniel Stevens, prosthetist at OAPL Prosthetics and Orthotics Shenton Park, Australia


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Your Role With Shared Values.

You’ll have the flexibility to adapt your role to your clinic’s processes, policies and culture within the scope of our shared values.

You will need to work closely with your existing Clinical and Technical team to make sure they are well informed about the recycling programme, as well as how their efforts are making a difference to people's lives across the sub-Saharan region. We will provide you with regular updates that demonstrate the impact you are making on people's lives which we encourage you to share.

For further information on our Vision, Mission and Values.

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  • We believe that all amputees should have access to a prosthetic leg
  • We believe independence is achieved through community, education and opportunity
  • We look for local solutions first
  • We believe in collaborating with other organisations
  • We are inclusive of people that are under-represented
  • We present every person with dignity, agency and humanity through our media
  • We will have a positive impact on the planet for generations to come
  • We listen, adapt and say thank you
  • We communicate with transparency


As a Legs4Africa Collection Coordinator, you are most likely already affiliated with one or a group of clinics. You might not have realised already but you have the potential to make a huge difference to even more people's lives, and it’s at your fingertips.

Being a Collection Coordinator shouldn’t be demanding of your time nor interfere with your existing workplace responsibilities, however, talk to your line manager about finding the right balance and you could even get colleagues to help you where possible to make sure no more legs get added to the trash.



Pin These Posters Up Around Your Clinics.

Make sure patients are aware that they can bring in their old and unwanted legs for donation.


Find a Suitable Container

Label it ‘Legs4Africa’, put it in a discreet place in your clinic and make sure EVERYONE knows about it.



Regularly Dismantle Whole Legs Into Smaller Components

Here is a list of components that we can recycle.



Let Us Know When You’ve Got a Full Box

It's really simple, just let us know the collection details, preferred collection date and we’ll do the rest.


Share the love & incredible stories with colleagues & friends.

Show the impact that you are making to peoples lives.

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