Coming together to get knees to the OTC

Stefanie / Deliver a Leg, Ghana

Here at Legs, we’re all about partnerships, friendships, and the kindness of strangers – just call us Blanche! Our Deliver a Leg project is all about utilising that kindness and generosity of people making trips to the African continent. It’s a joy to link up with another organisation that’s willing to give us a leg up en route to their own charitable endeavour.

So when we got a message from the Orthopedic Training Centre in Ghana that they’d run out of knees and were unable to continue fitting limbs to patients, we jumped to action to find out how to get a delivery to them as quickly as possible.

Thankfully we had already been contacted by Julian from Kicking Off, a fantastic charity that organises sports tournaments in communities in Ghana, and as luck would have it his team would be travelling out to Accra in just a couple of weeks with some spare luggage allowance…

… 6 suitcases worth, to be specific!

So less than 2 weeks after we heard from the OTC, we were able to send them a whopping 100kg worth of prosthetic components, including 50 knees, spread across 6 suitcases carried by the wonderful Kicking Off team. And all it cost was the price of the courier within the UK. I think Stanley Kowalski would call that STELLAR.

Thanks to the kindness of Julian and his team, for now the OTC is well-stocked to continue supplying life-changing prosthetic components to Ghanaian amputees.

It’ll be a while before we send any more valiant deliverers out with a suitcase full of legs, but hopefully when we emerge squinting from our houses, fresh from a period of solidarity, community spirit and kindness, there’ll be a whole new host of jetsetters eager to use their adventure to make a simple gesture that can make a life-changing difference.

But since many of us are currently getting better acquainted with our sofas, you can do something easier than going all the way to Ghana by clicking this link and making a donation to keep us plodding on:

Sending out healthy and happy thoughts from LegsHQ (aka our living rooms), and don’t forget to check Facebook and Instagram for some top quality quarantine content!

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