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United by Purpose

Really anything that anyone could think of can be the basis of forming a group that includes other amputees. It is perfectly fine to bring amputees together simply because of the shared circumstance of limb difference however enjoying activities of interest can make the peer support aspect of a community group more natural. It also allows people to discover who they truly connect with and most importantly it can be enjoyable.

You can classify every type of community by the purpose that brings them together

  • Interest

Communities of people who share the same interest or passion.

  • Action

Communities of people trying to bring about change.

  • Place

Communities of people brought together by geographic boundaries.

  • Practice

Communities of people in the same profession or undertake the same activities.

  • Circumstance

Communities of people brought together by external events/situations.

Groups unite under a number of purposed e.g. place + circumstance or action + place + practice

Looking for inspiration?

  • An amputee association
  • Business and enterprise – specific activity such as selling clothes, catering etc.
  • Skills sharing
  • People who live close to each other
  • Interests or hobbies – crochet, cooking, music etc.
  • Sport – football, seated volleyball, boccia, chess, cards…
  • An advocacy group
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