We can accept prosthetic legs or preferably broken down into the individual components. Some wear and tear to the components is expected but please do not send faulty or broken components.

Below is a list of components that are being requested across our Mobility Network in sub-Saharan Africa.

Currently, we can not accept any orthotic devices or other mobility aids. If you are unsure, send us an email at recycle@legs4africa.org


We kindly ask that feet include a pyramid or tube clamp adapter


All knees should include a pyramid, socket adapter tube clamp adapter on both ends. We can not accept microprocessor knees

Socket Adapters

For socket adaptors that cannot be removed please cut down the socket leaving 10-15cm of the distal end of the socket if it is safe to do so. This video demonstrates how to remove moulded socket adapters


Larger pylons are preferred

Tube Clamp Adapters

These come in several variations, and we gratefully accept them all.

Suspenion and support

All types of leather and suspension straps are gratefully received


It’s hard to list everything that we’ll accept so here is a few smaller components to provide an example of what we accept.

Other gubbins worth mentioning

  • Four hole socket adapters (male/female)
  • Rotation adaptors
  • Long stump adaptors
  • Knee actuators
  • Screw in adaptors (male/female)
  • Torsion adaptors
  • Double adaptors
  • Shift adaptors
  • SACH foot adaptors
  • Paediatric (all items)

Suspension Sleeves and Sump Liners

All shapes and sizes are welcome, please don’t send any that have been used.


If it’s useful in your prosthetics workshop, it’s most likely going to be useful to one of our partner clinics.

Sadly, we can not accept ❌

All shapes and sizes are welcome, please don’t send any that have perished.
Although we can accept whole modular prosthetic legs, with the volume of stock that we receive we prefer to receive them as components. For those legs that arrive at us complete, we work with groups of retired men who help dismantle them.