October 29, 2021

Davpack walk 125 miles for Legs4Africa

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Our passionate packaging pals at Davpack have decided to take on a mighty challenge in November. Between them they will walk the distance between their office in Derby, and our HQ in Bristol – that’s a whopping 125 miles.

In the month of November 2021, staff at Davpack Packaging Supplies will walk the distance between their UK office in Derby and our HQ in Bristol to raise money for the Leg Up campaign.

The idea was brewed up by Digital Marketing Executive Annabelle Earps and her colleagues, and now they have teammates jumping onboard from their offices across the UK, Sweden and Germany. Here is Annabelle herself telling us exactly why they wanted to walk their way through November…

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Why are Davpack supporting Legs4Africa?

We decided to support Legs4Africa ever since you sent us the request to donate boxes to help with your shipments. As a team, we believed that it would be nice to grow a relationship with the charity as we think it is amazing what you all do for others. We immediately made plans to write a blog about Legs4Africa and set up some social graphics in an effort to promote the charity to our followers and customers. The more we learned about the charity and what you do for amputees across Africa – both mentally and physically – fascinated us and we wanted to do all that we could to help. By getting to know the background of Legs4Africa, how much you have achieved and seeing our boxes used for shipments, we have all become attached to the charity and supporting you guys in any way we can as a company is a no brainer.

What is it that connects you personally to the cause?

I personally like the uniqueness of the charity. You might call me narrow-minded (well you probably will) but one thing I always say to everyone when I talk to them about the charity is I have never thought about individuals across Africa struggling to access prosthetics. I’ve always had the privilege of free healthcare so I just thought that amputees getting prosthetics was a given. This charity has really opened my mind to how fortunate I am and how awful it is that the level of medical care that people in the UK receive is not the same as those in less fortunate countries. So, what I like about the cause is how it has opened my horizons in terms of understanding the different states of living throughout the world, but not only that, how you can use your privilege to benefit others.

Why did you pick this challenge?

We decided on this challenge as a team – my manager Olivia, my colleagues Ellie, Alex, and myself all had a video call surrounding what more we could do for Legs4Africa. I had written a blog and as a team we have posted countless times about the campaign yet, we all knew that there was so much more we could do to help. Donations have been trickling in to the Leg Up campaign but this is first charity I have collaborated with at Davpack and I have built such a great relationship with Evie so I wanted to see the donations increase even more. We chose this challenge because it links our two companies, its relevant to the cause, and it’s not too easy. We feel like 125 miles is a good distance for us to all have a go at completing together.

What do you hope to achieve through this challenge?

We hope to raise awareness for the charity as a whole, and hopefully help you gain some more followers or people of interest that will continue to give you support after the fundraiser is over, as well as give you a significant donation ourselves.

We just want to give in any way we possibly can – by providing packaging, donations and spreading the word about your cause. With Leg Up being your biggest fundraising campaign ever we really want to help you get to that £100,000 target, so hopefully ourselves and other companies can help out and contribute to you getting there!

Annabelle Earps, Digital Marketing Exective, Davpack
Who is taking part?

A wide range of individuals will be taking part – we have three companies in the UK, Germany, and Sweden. We created an email to send to all employees to gain interest in the campaign, and we put flyers up throughout the offices to ensure everyone working could see and know about the upcoming walk. Since creating our Strava group that will track our 125 miles, we have had a tremendous flurry of people joining both in the UK and internationally from Sweden and Germany! We are hoping to get as many employees of Davpack as possible involved.

We hope our budding friendship with Legs4Africa can continue to grow. Any help that Legs4Africa may need, Davpack will always be here to provide support. We want nothing more than to see L4A continue to grow and become an even more successful organisation.

Why are you excited to work with L4A?

We are all incredibly excited to work with Legs4Africa because it is such a unique and amazing charity that has achieved so much. You have all been so welcoming of us as a team – constantly re-assuring us about our efforts and just continuously being so kind despite the stresses that you all face, so for that we can’t thank you enough. We are excited to help you because you truly deserve it and the walk is the least that we could do.

“The whole team here at Davpack are incredibly excited to help such an amazing charity reach their goal of £100,000. Over the past year we’ve formed a close friendship with Legs4Africa, so the idea of ‘Walk To Legs4Africa’ was an easy decision. We are super eager to get walking in order to raise as much money as we possibly can to donate to the Leg Up campaign. Employees have already started to plan their walks and how many miles they will be doing; we cannot wait to get started! We are very proud of Legs4Africa and feel honoured that we can do our own campaign in an effort to help them achieve their goals.”