Deliver A Leg

Use your carbon footprint for human footprints

Deliver a Leg is a project we have created which aims to utilise travellers who are already venturing to countries that we work in. We ask them to use some of their luggage allowance to transport much needed equipment to our partner mobility centres. 

If you are interested in being involved please check the drop-down list of locations and fill out the form below:

We recommend contacting the airline to ask if they will grant you extra ‘charity baggage allocation’ – airlines will usually provide 10-20kg on top of your standard allowance.

Through experience we have found the most effective way to correspond with airlines is through phoning directly. You will be asked to provide our charity ref number which is 1158697

Poppy delivered a leg earlier this year...

Photo of Poppy
“Before I travelled to Ghana for a conference, I picked up a box of legs and feet from the very friendly Legs4Africa team in Bristol, who couldn’t have been more helpful. They provided me with a letter explaining the contents of the box, in case I needed it at customs, but nobody blinked an eyelid. All I had to do was inform Legs4Africa where I was staying, and they arranged for someone to collect the box from my hotel – I didn’t even need to be there. I’ll definitely be doing this again, it was so easy and I was glad to put my spare luggage allowance to brilliant use”

Legs4Africa will build a package for the traveller to transport, based on the luggage allowance they decide to offer us.

The package we send the traveller can contain pylons, feet, knees, stump socks and stump shrinkers or resources for community groups.

We will post this out to the traveller's given address and once in Africa we can arrange for someone to collect it from a pre-determined location.

Help us get much needed prosthetic legs to people like Gabu, the only prosthetist in The Gambia.