The components are then taken to partner mobility centres across Africa, through the power of extra baggage allowance.

We are now successfully collecting hundreds of prosthetics a year, but the most expensive and long-winded part of the process is shipping the legs to Africa.

Deliver a Leg is a project we have created which aims to utilise travellers who are already venturing to countries that we work in. We ask them to use some of their luggage allowance to transport much needed equipment to our partner mobility centres. 

This programme was initiated in 2018, when 14 people delivered enough components to build 207 legs to mobility centres in The Gambia, Ghana, Tanzania, and Uganda.

“Before I travelled to Ghana for a conference, I picked up a box of legs and feet from the very friendly Legs4Africa team in Bristol, who couldn’t have been more helpful. They provided me with a letter explaining the contents of the box, in case I needed it at customs, but nobody blinked an eyelid. All I had to do was inform Legs4Africa where I was staying, and they arranged for someone to collect the box from my hotel – I didn’t even need to be there. I’ll definitely be doing this again, it was so easy and I was glad to put my spare luggage allowance to brilliant use”

Poppy Jacobs

Who’s already funding this?

This project is currently being funded by The Tory Family Foundation, The Alchemy Foundation, The Mackintosh Foundation, Meeting Needs, The Cecile Baines Charitable Trust, The Brian Mercer Charitable Trust, The Schroder Charity Trust, Thackray Medical Research Trust, The Hasluck Charitable Trust, Dorfred Charitable Trust and public donations. If you would like to contribute please click here.

Once they’ve arrived at our partner mobility centres, trained staff use the parts to repair and build custom prosthetic legs.

What’s been happening…

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