Delivering legs in a buggy

Tom Williams / Deliver a Leg

This year Tarnie and Richard from Australia will begin an epic road trip that will see their home built beach buggy travel through the African continent as they make their way from Bristol to Cape Town. 

Their objective is to ascertain how to create a different kind of adventure whilst working with various grass roots charities. One where part of the focus is contributing directly to the people and communities that they meet along the way. 

Tarnie and Richard first got in touch with Legs4Africa after hearing about the life changing work that we do in a number of countries that they will be driving through. When they heard that it was possible for them to deliver a number of prosthetic leg components on their buggy it gave them an extra layer of purpose to their trip and they opted to make a drop in Sierra Leone as this is one of the counties Legs4Africa has struggled to get components into.

On a cold winters day the brave couple swung into the Legs4Africa car park in the open chases beach buggy, wearing hats gloves and long johns to pick up the precious cargo bound for Sierra Leone.

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