Steps towards a Circular Economy

Tom Williams / Deliver a Leg, Leg collection

Linear vs Circular Economy Nowadays, our global development system is based on the so-called Linear Economy, which exploits natural resources to generate goods and services, closing its production process with the elimination of waste, destined to accumulate more and more. On the other hand, a Circular Economy aims to reduce most of the waste, converting it into an available resource … Read More

Legs delivered to the Brother Tarcisius College in Ghana!

Stefanie / Deliver a Leg, Ghana

At the end of 2020, our increasingly empty-looking workshop was filled to the brim with a van load of stock donated by our friends at Opcare, containing essential items such as stump socks and silicone liners. These liners have now made their way to the Brother Tarcisius Prosthetics and Orthotics Training College in Nsawam, Ghana, as part of a delivery … Read More

We’re back, baby!

Stefanie / Deliver a Leg

Our biggest ever shipment is complete: 1,500 legs sent to 35 centres across 15 countries… Since emerging from hibernation, we’ve been quietly working on something BIG here at Legs HQ, something we’ve never done before, and we’re finally ready to share the news. Deliveries are AFOOT, and boy are there a lot of feet! It started as a simple idea: … Read More

Happy leg news from Cameroon

Stefanie / Case Study, Deliver a Leg

We may not be sending legs out at the moment, but we’re still hearing great stories from our partner prosthetists about lives that are being changed by their hard work. Palle Loveline Diengu is a nurse from Cameroon who lost her leg due to a diabetes-related ulcer. She received a prosthetic leg from Presbytarian Community Rehabilitation Services (PCRS) in Kumba, … Read More

Coming together to get knees to the OTC

Stefanie / Deliver a Leg, Ghana

Here at Legs, we’re all about partnerships, friendships, and the kindness of strangers – just call us Blanche! Our Deliver a Leg project is all about utilising that kindness and generosity of people making trips to the African continent. It’s a joy to link up with another organisation that’s willing to give us a leg up en route to their … Read More

Delivering legs in a buggy

Tom Williams / Deliver a Leg

This year Tarnie and Richard from Australia will begin an epic road trip that will see their home built beach buggy travel through the African continent as they make their way from Bristol to Cape Town.  Their objective is to ascertain how to create a different kind of adventure whilst working with various grass roots charities. One where part of … Read More

Celebrating 90 Legs Making it Across the Sahara!

Stefanie / Deliver a Leg, Gambia

9 cars. 90 legs. 3500 miles. And a scrappy group of intrepid travellers with hearts of gold. Every year a team of adventurers forego the traditional Boxing Day turkey sandwiches and sales shopping and set off from Plymouth in a convoy of robust old bangers for the Dakar Challenge. This journey crosses through six countries, crossing the length of the … Read More

Bristol Rotary Club Legs It To Kenya

Stefanie / Deliver a Leg, Kenya, Mens Shed / Rotary

Here at Legs4Africa, it’s not just the snails doing all the leg work; we rely on friendships and partnerships with a range of organisations, one of which is Rotary, with a number of clubs around the UK forming a vital link in the chain of collecting and dismantling legs. And now Bristol Rotary Club have gotten in on the Deliver … Read More

Delivering Legs to the Aderonke Rehabilitation Network in Abuja

Stefanie / Deliver a Leg, Nigeria

Supporting amputees and fighting disability stigma and misinformation in Nigeria In October 2019, Ruth Larbey, a science communications editor at UWE, set off to Abuja, Nigeria to attend a workshop aimed at improving science and health communication through the media. We were able to connect her with our friends at the Aderonke Rehabilitation Network, so as well as delivering a … Read More

Gang take arms to Africa

Phil Tunstall / Deliver a Leg, Gambia

The team in Africa

“Delivering prosthetic arms for Legs4Africa has been the most selfless, rewarding experience we have ever had!” Ana Springall De Pablo While we were planning our trip to The Gambia we came across the Legs4Africa charity webpage. They were asking members of the public to give some of their baggage allowance in order to take prosthetic limbs and equipment to the … Read More

Volunteer Harry makes use of leg room

Karenza Fafoo / Deliver a Leg

Legs being transported in suitcases

Several months before setting off to The Gambia I heard about Legs 4 Africa. Having read about them, I looked into the Deliver a Leg campaign. Motivated by being able to so easily and effectively help amputees in The Gambia, I got in contact. I soon received two boxes of prosthetic materials, packed these in a bag and was ready … Read More

Inspired volunteer goes to Uganda

Bethany / Deliver a Leg, Inspiring Stories

people in a legs workshop in Uganda

As a young man living in a country where 69% of the population live on less than a dollar a day, the odds are already stacked against you. Access to medical resources is limited at the best of times let alone when you live eight hours from the nearest hospital. When I say eight hours, that’s eight hours according to … Read More