The prosthetic legs that we receive are dismantled and serviced by groups of retired gentlemen through our partnership with the charity Men’s Sheds

Over the next 12 months we expect to dismantle 1,400 prosthetic legs. To assist us with this labour-intensive part of our process we have developed a unique partnership with Men’s Sheds – an international charity that builds community spaces for men to connect, converse and create. By encouraging retired gentlemen to take part in practical activities together, they can help to reduce loneliness and isolation.

Through piloting this project in 2018 we discovered that members of two Bristol Men’s Sheds not only have a real knack for the dismantling process, but they enjoy the challenge and the fact that the work they are doing is directly benefiting vulnerable amputees in Africa. Within 6 months, the team in Warmley were able to dismantle 300 legs.

In the first 6 months of working together we have dismantled about 300 legs – we think Legs4Africa is having a job to keep up with us!”

Mervyn Bishop – Men’s Shed, Warmley

Who’s already funding this?

Rotary kindly support Legs4Africa. So far the following clubs are on-board:

  • Rotary Club of Rayleigh Mill
  • Rotary Club of Scarborough
  • Rotary Club of Portishead
  • Rotary Club of Blackpool Palatine
  • Rotary Club of Ross on Wye
  • Rotary Club of Portobello
  • Rotary Club of Harwich & Dovercourt
  • Rotary Club of Sedgley & Wombourne
  • Rotary Club of Liverpool South

Once dismantled, we collect and return the components to our HQ where they are cleaned, logged and stored in preparation for delivery to our partners across Africa.  

What’s been happening…

Next Step – Delivery to Africa