Donate a Leg

If you have a prosthetic leg, which is no longer being used, then join the thousands of other donors who have already recycled theirs.

Are you visiting from a Mobility Clinic? Find out how to work with us to recycle returned devices with us below.

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What type of prosthetic legs can we recycle?

Prosthetic legs manufactured after 1990 are made up of components that can be bolted together like mecano, we call these modular prosthetics. This means that feet, knees, pylons and other parts are interchangeable, which makes them really handy for the mobility centres in Africa.

What we accept?

✅ Whole modular prosthetic legs

✅ Running blades

✅ Feet

✅ Knees

✅ Pylons

✅ Connectors

What we do not accept?

❌ Vintage legs (old legs that are made from metal, and can not be dismantled)

❌ Swimming Legs

❌ Shoes

❌ Wheelchairs

❌ Crutches

❌ Orthotic Devices

donate a leg

Just fill out the form so we can provide you with further details. Alternatively ask your local limb fitting centre if they work with Legs4Africa to recycle prosthetic legs.

Alieo has benefited from a donated leg

Legs4Africa relies on the generosity of people like you. One of the key elements that enables us to continue our work are donations of prosthetic legs. Contact us today and provide amputees living in some of the poorest countries in the world with the opportunity to live more independent and fulfilling lives.

Donated prosthetic legs are dismantled to their component level in the UK then sent to mobility centres in low income African countries where they are used to custom build prosthetic legs.

Maggie Palmer and her husband have supported many young people in The Gambia over the years. After Maggie’s brother, John Nightingale, a former sailor, passed away in 2016, Maggie discovered another way to assist people in the region.

Maggie Palmer with Husband and Child

Components from John’s prosthetic left leg are now providing mobility for Alieo Touray who had his leg amputated after being struck by a vehicle. After his amputation Alieo heard about Legs4Africa’s work to rehabilitate amputees and was matched with John’s prosthetic leg. He is now living happily with his wife and daughter and taking each day as it comes.