We collect prosthetic legs that would otherwise end up in landfill and give them a new lease of life in Africa

In the UK and across Europe prosthetic legs cannot be re-used or recycled. This means that every year thousands of legs end up in landfill. By working with NHS hospitals, funeral directors and individuals across the UK we can stop this from happening. We collect legs that are no longer needed here and send them over to Africa – giving amputees over there the chance to walk again. At the moment, we are expanding the recycling of prosthetic legs to Canada, Australia, and Europe.

We are now working with around 20 NHS hospitals in the UK and we regularly receive leg shaped packages in the post. We estimate that around 5,000 prosthetic legs end up in the bin every year. We will not stop until we have them all.

“ My husband Graham was amazing – cycling, swimming and playing tennis – he never let the fact that he had lost a leg after a motorbike crash dim his resolve. After he died I wanted them to go to someone who needed them.  I searched everywhere for a charity and drew a blank. Three years on I found Legs4Africa. Amazing, wonderful people. Graham’s legs sped their way to Africa to be re-used by people who otherwise would literally be limbless. I imagine them at work, on a bike, taking out a girlfriend or in a workshop being re-crafted. It is as if a part of Graham is still out there, still rockin’… ”

Julia Simpson

Who’s already funding this?

This is currently being funded by The Bryan Guinness Charitable Trust, Dennis Yardy Charitable Trust, Bower Trust, St Peter’s Aid for the Needy, Michael Cornish Foundation, The ATASS Foundation, Kilpatrick Fraser Charitable Trust, Cumbria Overseas Aid Trust and public donations. If you would like to contribute please click here.

Once collected, we send the legs to our dismantling teams at local Men’s Sheds so they can be broken down into components.

What’s been happening…

Next Step – Dismantle