Elaine jumps 10,000 ft for more legs!

Richard Hibbert / Fundraising

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Great news from our Legs 4 Africa supporter Elaine in the West of Scotland, who has just completed a skydive from 10,000 feet to raise funds for Legs 4 Africa as well as cancer research. 

Elaine contacted Legs 4 Africa back in February to donate a prosthetic leg belonging to her father, who sadly passed away some weeks before. Her Dad’s leg was included in the latest van load of legs which was safely delivered to The Gambia back in April, and has now been put to use improving the life of an amputee. Although this was undoubtedly a very difficult time for Elaine and her family, she was sure that her father would have been extremely pleased that his leg went to such as great purpose. The Legs 4 Africa team also included a small photo and message for delivery to the leg’s recipient from Elaine and her family, adding a very personal touch to this already most personal of donations.

Following on from this, Elaine was keen to see what else could be done to support the Legs 4 Africa cause. So she took the brave decision to arrange a tandem skydive in Strathallan Airfield in Auchterarder on 15th June to raise more money for her favourite charities. Obviously launching out of an aircraft took some guts, but perhaps more bravery was required to do the jumpsuit which was, according to Elaine, “not the most flattering!” She has now raised over £300 for Legs 4 Africa and Cancer Research, and is continuing to investigate further ways to support the work we do by spreading the message north of the border and facilitating further prosthesis donations.

Many thanks from the whole Legs 4 Africa team to Elaine and her family for all their support and endeavours to date. It is only through people like Elaine that we are able to exist and continue changing the lives of amputees in Africa.

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