We facilitate amputee-led support groups and encourage amputees to come together to work through the trauma of limb loss

We facilitate amputee-led groups in Africa so individuals can be supported emotionally and form friendships with people in the same situation as them

In 2016, Legs4Africa set up an amputee support group in The Gambia (The GAA) after realising that there was no access to emotional rehabilitation support for amputees in the whole country. The response to setting up the group exceeded expectations.

Members gather monthly to meet new friends, to provide peer support to each other, to receive motivational talks and referral guidance for work, to discuss domestic issues and mental health, and to play sport. Feedback has emphasised to us the benefits that support groups can bring. Through gathering together regularly, amputees in The Gambia are starting to realise their collective strength, and are forcing positive change on a national scale.

“ The Gambian Amputee Association was formed with the help from Legs4Africa in 2016 and we haven’t looked back. I was privileged to be selected as the President of the committee and this has made me extremely proud, and I’ve become even more sensitive and diligent about how I can personally support fellow amputees”

Musa – President of the GAA

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