January 23, 2019

Euan – A Legs4Africa Hero

Featured image for “Euan – A Legs4Africa Hero”

Having a prosthetic leg is a challenge at any age. For children, one of the challenges is being accepted by one’s peers at an age when making friends and taking up new hobbies and pastimes is so important.

We never fail to be full of admiration for the little ones who accept their new leg as part of their life and don’t allow it to define who they are. In fact, it seems to drive their ambition. One of these is Euan whose activities would put many able bodied adults to shame. Apart from his studies at school, he joins in all the activities on the sportsfield. At weekends he enjoys mountain biking and trekking and gives his all to whatever he does.

Euan is one of our particular heros because, having realised that his outgown legs could benefit others, he was one of the very first to donate them to Legs4Africa. He continues to support us in any way he can and recently agreed to take part in a video we produced. The video shows how one of Euan’s legs was able to assist Wudeh, a young girl in The Gambia, to pick up the threads of her life again after having her leg amputated following a car accident.