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Why is it important?

We are really keen to get to know the people we are collaborating with, so as to hear their inspiring stories and collect more information on the impact Legs4Africa projects are having on their lives. This could provide our charity with enriching and helpful feedback. 

We realised a testimonial is more catchy and engaging when it provides pictures. That is why we have put together a short guide to take professional portrait photos for Legs4Africa: 

Top tips on taking a good photograph

1) Help the subject relax in front of the camera (make them smile). 

2) Try and photograph outside but in a shady place. 

3) If shooting inside, make sure the light is behind the camera (don’t shoot into the light).

4) Keep the camera still to avoid blurring. 

5) Ask the subject to do something they would usually be doing, then take a photo.

How to take great photos with a mobile phone

Look out for regular Legs4Africa photography competitions to gain recognition and win some awesome prizes.

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