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The Ln4 Mission

Our mission is to give a prosthetic hand to anyone who needs one. A prosthetic hand is an invaluable asset to any person without an upper limb.


We want everyone who requires a prosthetic hand to have one, regardless of their socioeconomic status or ability to pay. We manufacture a durable yet rudimentary prosthetic hand with no electric parts, and with the help of our partners, we distribute it across the globe.

We recognize that increased mobility and access are vital to people with disabilities, and as such, we partner with organizations and individuals in developing countries who have less access to prosthetic limbs.

An upper limb prostheses can determine whether or not an individual can obtain or keep employment, contribute to household duties, or provide an increased sense of independence. The LN4 hand can help restore functionality in humans who suffer from diseases requiring amputation or from limbs lost in accidents or traumatic incidents.

Steps to sign up

1. Register to use Sports Engine (a free platform that hosts the LN4 Ambassador Portal): Sign In Step 1

2. Once you have created a Sports Engine account, go to LN4 Hand Foundation to access the LN4 Ambassador Portal homepage. On this homepage, you will select “Register as an Ambassador Organization” if you are representing an organization.

3. Complete the LN4 Ambassador Registration Form.

4. You have now registered! You will receive an email confirmation of your completed registration.

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