The recycled components are then used to build or repair prosthetic legs for amputees who would otherwise go without

Many amputees across Africa assume they will never walk again after losing a leg – the cost of imported components is incredibly high and grossly unaffordable for the large majority of people across the continent. Through recycling parts that are deemed as ‘medical waste’ across the Western world we can give people the ultimate leg-up in Africa.

Legs4Africa only sends equipment to hospitals that have qualified prosthetists, physiotherapists, and technicians to ensure an appropriate and effective use of our recycled equipment. The staff in Africa needs to have the machinery and the required expertise in order to build good quality custom made sockets and adapted prosthetic legs.

Since 2014, we have sent enough parts to build or repair over 7,000 prosthetic legs.

Once they receive their prosthetic leg, the amputees go through a physical and emotional rehabilitation programme.

“Giving someone a prosthetic leg is like giving someone their life back. It never gets boring”

Gabu Jarjue (The Gambia’s only prosthetist)

Who’s already funding this?

This is currently being funded by public donations. If you would like to contribute please click here.

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