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In 2020 you wonderful leg lovers did some exciting, impressive and weird things to raise £4,551 - enough to get a whopping 379 prosthetics over to Africa.

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Thank you so much for choosing to fundraise for Legs4Africa – you really are doing a wonderfully lovely thing. We look forward to chatting soon.
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Photo of Giulia and Luca

Fundraisers of the year 2020

Big massive pats on the backs and huge massive thank yous to Legs' top fundraisers of 2020 - Giulia and Luca aka Karma on the Road

This dynamic duo went on an adventure of a lifetime in 2020 - riding their motorbike from Italy to Mauritania and back and raising enough to get a whopping 206 legs over to Africa.

Photo of Giulia and Luca

Stay indoor Picture

Bacon&Eggs4Africa - The 2021 Fundraiser

Last March we launched a fundraiser called Bacon&Eggs4Africa - encouraging everyone to get their hash browns ready for some brunch club action.

Literally 2 weeks later we were plunged into a national lockdown. Great timing.

Well, guess what, 15 months later, we are FINALLY allowed back in each other's houses to sample each other's questionable food. And what better way to celebrate than with a glorious return of our fundraiser...

Welcome back, Bacon&Eggs4Africa brunch club 🍳

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  4. Stumble into cyber world for a minute or two and share your story - upload a photo of yourself in your lycra and direct people to your Just Giving page

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