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Recent statistics show that Britons spend on average £13 billion a year dining out for breakfast. That's almost £3 billion more than people give to charity (£10.8 billion in 2018). 

We're not asking you to stop eating brunch, that would be barbaric. What we are asking you to do instead is host your own Bacon&Eggs4Africa Brunch Club. It makes perfect sense - instead of throwing that money at a perfectly sculpted Shakshuka baked by a stranger, why not throw your money at an undercooked Walls Banger, served by a friend. 

Charge your mates the average brunch price of £10 for the privilege, invite them over, burn the toast and end up serving them steamed hams from across the road. What’s not to love?


The beneficiaries here are very happy to be receiving the support from everyone that has contributed. Together, we are getting people back on their feet and helping them to drive their cars, go to work and do their things independently. We are all very thankful to Legs4Africa supporters and staff here in the Gambia, the UK and around the world

Bob Jabbie

Outreach Support Worker
The Gambia


Challenge yourself

We’ve all had a couple of years languishing on our sofas thanks to you know who, so why not get those legs moving again in 2022 and while you’re at it, support people working through the trauma of limb loss in sub-Saharan Africa.

If you need a bit of inspiration why not read about Jonathan’s big swim, Charlie and Owen’s superhero triathlon or Susanna’s year long walking challenge.

And then once you’re suitably psyched up to take on a massive mammoth marathon task (or something a little smaller if you’re sensible) it’s super easy to set up your JustGiving page and get started:

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We're here to answer all of your questions about fundraising. Check out our fundraising pack, or get in touch using the form below. 

Fundraiser of the year

Big massive pats on the backs and huge massive thank yous to Legs' top fundraisers of 2020 - Giulia and Luca aka Karma on the Road

This dynamic duo went on an adventure of a lifetime in 2020 - riding their motorbike from Italy to Mauritania and back and raising enough to get a whopping 206 legs over to Africa.