Let’s put the ‘fun’ into fundraising!

Roll your sleeves up and get ready

Fundraising is the cornerstone of charity. Raising money for your chosen cause can be exciting, fulfilling and empowering but, more than anything, fundraising should be fun.

Perhaps this is the first time you’ve fundraised for us, perhaps not. What’s important though is that without people like you, none of this would have been feasible. That’s why we are reaching out to passionate and creative individuals to aid us in transporting the nations unwanted prosthetic limbs to where they’re needed most.

Whether it is the feeling of achievement as you cross that finish line

The rush of adrenaline as you leap from that plane

Or the warm glow of pride to see a project come together

‘The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water, but to walk on the earth’

Chinese Proverb

Fundraising for Legs4Africa is a chance for you to be creative, to experience something new, to support independent living for amputees in Africa  and to show the world that you are a person who cares.

Step 1

Decide what you’re going to do!In just a few years, Legs4Africa’s successes have been achieved via the ingenuity and creativity of a growing network of volunteers. We believe that action should be led by inspiration, not guilt or pity. Anything will do, more random the better. Something to get people talking and more importantly donating. It might be an event, marathon, sky dive or just a good old boot sale.

Step 2

Even if you’ve ticked off all major components to a great fundraising campaign, make sure supporters know how to donate money. Thankfully, there’s a platform to ensure your efforts are never squandered by technical difficulties! We encorge all fundraisers to use the Just Giving platorm by creating a dedicated page for your event. It’s easy, just follow this link and click the ‘Fundraise for us’ button in the top right corner.


Step 3

It’s important not to neglect the amazing resources at our disposal. Social media can serve as a formidable force for spreading the word, collaboration and getting people involved. SHOUT ABOUT WHAT YOU’RE DOING, and keep us posted so we can share your event with our existing followers.

Finally… we are here to help! Speak out to the Legs4Africa community for advice and guidance in the early stages of your idea. Invite suggestions, feedback and constructive criticism, and before long your idea may have snowballed into something bigger than you’d imagined.