Last year you wonderful leg lovers did some exciting, impressive and weird things to raise £9,502 – enough to get a staggering 792 prosthetics over to Africa.


Fundraisers of the year 2019

Big massive pats on the backs and huge massive thank yous to Legs’ top fundraisers of 2019 – Owen and Charlie – they both took part in the Superhero Series Triathlon and Winter Wonderwheels events.

Between them, they ran 6k, cycled 3k and ran 150 meters – raising enough to get 108 legs over to Africa, meaning 108 people can have the opportunity to walk, work and live life to the full again.

Free places available for Superhero Series 2020 – email

Inevitably inspired to join in the fun in 2020?

  1. Check out our fundraising pack
  2. Scroll down and check out our standard fundraiser for 2020 below – Bacon&Eggs4Africa
  3. Scroll down and have a look at ‘Sit on your arse for Africa‘ – our guide to the easiest ways to fundraise for Legs
  4. Plan your own fundraiser and get yourself on Just Giving – Prod Here and then prod the ‘Fundraise for us’ button in the top right corner
  5. Stumble into cyber world for a minute or two and share your story – upload a photo of yourself in your lycra and direct people to your Just Giving page

Have a look at our 2020 Fundraising Pack


Recent statistics show that Britons spend on average £13 billion a year dining out for breakfast. That’s almost £3 billion more than people give to charity (£10.8 billion in 2018).

We’re not asking you to stop eating brunch, that would be barbaric.

What we are asking you to do instead is host your own Bacon&Eggs4Africa Brunch Club. It makes perfect sense – instead of throwing that money at a perfectly sculpted Shakshuka baked by a stranger, why not throw your money at an undercooked Walls Banger, served by a friend.

Charge your mates the average brunch price of £10 for the privilege, invite them over, burn the toast and end up serving them steamed hams from across the road.

What’s not to love?

Tell us your fundraising idea…

Why not sit on your arse for Africa

In 2019 our mate Patrick Pringle raised £330.68 for Legs4Africa by doing absolutely nothing. He just sat on his arse waiting for his broken ankle to heal.

What an inspiration.

So, this year, why not channel your inner Pringle. Get people walking again, by sitting down.

Thank you so much for choosing to fundraise for Legs4Africa – you really are doing a wonderfully lovely thing by helping people that you may never meet. We look forward to chatting soon.