January 12, 2021

Fundraisers of the Year – Karma on the Road

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Meet our 2020 fundraisers of the year – Giulia and Luca aka Karma on the Road. They motorcycled all the way to Mauritania and raised enough money to get 206 legs to Africa.

Who are ‘Karma on the Road’?

We are Luca and Giulia, a young couple of italian bikers, and Karmaontheroad is basically our spirits together! We like the idea of spreading hope and faith in the future. We think of our project as “planting good seeds along the road”.

Why did you decide to go on your adventure?

We love travelling by motorbike, but we wanted something more than just a trip. That’s why we embarked on this adventure with the aim of bringing new “seeds of light and hope” in the lives of people who don’t experience them yet.

Why did you decide to raise money for Legs4Africa?

In 2016 Luca had a serious bike accident that lead him to more than 1 year in the hospital and to the amputation of his left leg. He truly knows what it means to live without a limb and how different his life could be without his carbon leg. That’s why we thought this was the perfect combination for our project: travelling in Africa by bike + raising money for an organisation who really understands the importance of recycling and donating prosthetic legs. We sincerely believe in their cause and we wanted to be part of it.

Where did you go and what did you see?

Our initial plan was to go from Verona (Italy) to Dakar in Senegal, where we wanted to visit one of the rehabilitation centres supported by Legs4Africa. But due to Covid restrictions, we were stopped at the border with Mauritania in the Western Sahara and couldn’t reach Senegal. Our trip lasted 9 weeks and we travelled almost 9,000 km. We really enjoyed Morocco with its culture, hospitality, amazing mountain roads, sandy and rocky tracks and lovely seaside landscapes!

What was the best thing about your trip?

Aside from the country itself that we enjoyed exploring, we truly loved the whole experience: from the preparation of the bike and luggage, up to the cold return trip at the end of December! This was our first trip and it has been heart warming to see the support we got from all the people who were following our adventure on the Karmaontheroad page. We received encouragement and affection and we are pleased with how the fundraising went. A splendid result that we entirely dedicate to all the people who cannot have an artificial limb just because they were born on the “wrong side” of the world, and of course to Legs4Africa, thank you for inspiring us!

What will be your next challenge?

Well, this is just the beginning! This journey definitely tested us, but now we are stronger and more experienced. We are working to boost our project and make it more and more concrete. For now, no spoilers, but since we couldn’t go to Senegal …who knows, there may just be be new opportunities to collaborate with Legs4Africa!

A huge thank you and an even bigger congratulations to Giulia and Luca – not only for raising enough money to get 206 legs over to people who need them in sub-Saharan Africa, but for following their dreams and making 2020 a memorable year for them…and us!