picture of fundraising from home

Stay Indoors 4 Africa


Fancy doing a spot of fundraising from your sofa? Here’s some ideas to mull over while you enjoy your 47th cup of tea today…

We’re all in the same position…on the sofa, that we were a week or two ago. Isn’t quarantine relentless.

So, how do ya fancy using up some of that time by raising a bit of money for amputees in Africa?

No I’m fine thanks, I just want to play on my phone in peace

Yes please I’d love to, I’ve been inspired by those wonderful ideas, what do I have to do next?

Step 1: Check out our fundraising pack

Step 2: Plan your fundraiser and get yourself on Just Giving – prod Here and then poke the ‘Fundraise for us’ button in the top right corner

Step 3: Email evie@legs4africa.org to let her know all about what you’re up to

Step 4: Stumble back into cyber world for a minute or two and share your story – upload a photo of your jigsaw or your dance-a-thon lycra suit and direct people to your Just Giving page

Or for those of you who want to Ebay 4 Good…

ebay picture

Check out their charity guide and get sellin’

Problems? Questions? Just want a chat? evie@legs4africa.org